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For religious reasons, none of my work will contain slash romance.
I do not ship pedo pairings.
I crosspost as much as possible, though certain stories are hidden, censored, or not allowed on some sites.

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DC comics (A Grateful City) (The Birds Who Smile) (Guardian Angel) | Disney | Final Fantasy VII | Gundam Wing | How to Train Your Dragon (Carried Off) (Hybrid) (Dragon Treasure) (His Soul Reflects My Own) | La Corda d’Oro | Lord of the Flies | Lovely Complex (Love*Com) | Rurouni Kenshin (Unlost) | Voltron: Legendary Defender


DC comics
On AO3, my miscellaneous one-shots for this fandom are collected here.

Gotham’s Knight
Summary: Bruce Wayne starts falling into a bout of depression, so Gotham City has a talk with her favorite son.

Just One More
Summary: Tim’s been awake for way too long. The ladies decide to do something about it. (Fluffy, platonic ficlet.) ~Inspired by Medli45~

Summary: Jason has trouble staying warm at the Manor during the family’s holiday get-together. ~Inspired by Medli45 for Christmas 2017~

A World With Happily Ever Afters
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Bruce wakes up one morning to find all his children de-aged, calling him “Dad,” and with no memory of their capes and masks. *in-progress*
Part 1
Part 2

Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: This particular nest is ruled by a lazy, corrupt alpha, but one dragon has taken matters into his own claws. Batshadow and his troop are the true protectors of their violent, chaotic, yet beloved flock. (Dick’s POV.)

A Grateful City
Various ordinary citizens of Gotham encounter their city’s vigilantes. Vignette series.

Summary: A little boy sees his chance to give his Christmas request a boost.

Summary: Shortly before Christmas, a toy store gets an unusual customer at closing time.

Summary: A young woman finally gets a chance to thank the boy who saved her years ago.

The Birds Who Smile
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: “Dark Nights: Metal” AU where Bruce adopts three of the Robins who once belonged to the Batman Who Laughs.

In the Birdcage
Posted here on AO3.
Prequel *in-progress*
Warnings: Child abuse (physical, emotional, and occasionally sexual) throughout the prequel; violence and occasional strong language.

Part I: The Boy Who Chirps
Chapter 1 (full)
Chapters 2-3 (full 2 & full 3)
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 (full)

Part II: The Boy Who Caws & The Girl Who Trills

Part III: The Boy Who Warbles

The Birds Who Smile *in-progress*
Posted here on AO3.
Warnings: Major characters are survivors of severe child abuse; there are frequent references to or depictions of their history, anxiety, and triggers. Occasional strong language, and a potentially triggering scene in an upcoming chapter.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Missing scene: Robins in the childcare center
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20

Part 21
Part 22
Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Part 26
Part 27
Part 28
Part 29
Part 30
Part 31
Part 32
Part 33
Part 34
Part 35
Part 36
Part 37
Part 38
Part 39
Part 40

Part 41
Part 42
Part 43
Part 44
Part 45
Part 46
Part 47

Deleted scene: Psychiatry Fail

Deleted sequence: General Foster Care – Parts One, Two

Prequel to a HTTYD crossover alternate ending

Side-story: Bat Weds Cat

Until Medli is able to post the sketches she drew for this fic herself, she gave me permission to include them with this story on AO3.

Eclipsr (phantommermaidqueen) also drew art for this fic!

And Tashi_Lupin wrote a fic set in my AU called [caw]

Guardian Angel
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: A “Dick & Damian as Court of Owls assassins” AU. Trapped in the soul-crushing life of an assassin, Dick does his best to take care of his little brother. He tries hard not to think about the way Damian’s eyes sometimes don’t match his expressions, or why the targets Dick can’t bring himself to kill always end up dead anyway.

Dick’s version
Damian’s version

Wounded Birds (sequel)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Until Medli is able to post the sketches she drew for this fic herself, she gave me permission to include them with this story on AO3.

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Sleepover at Disney Castle
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: The Disney princesses, tired of their work schedule, host a sleepover with the other Disney girls at their castle while the Disney guys attempt to crash the party.

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Final Fantasy VII

Midgar High
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Alternate universe in which the FF7 characters are teenagers in high school. Covers English class, lunch, and (of course) a school play: Sleeping Beauty.

My Brother Sephiroth is a Jerk
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: High-schooler Kadaj is used to being the leader – until Sephiroth comes home from college.

The Shinra Company
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: An FF7 spoof of “The Virginia Company” song from Disney’s Pocahontas movie. Possibly something Reno might sing when he’s bored.

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Gundam Wing

After the Eve Wars…
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: After the Eve Wars, the Gundam pilots find themselves battling random evil organizations, aliens, and even each other on occasion. Silly humor.
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-8
Chapters 9-10
Chapters 11-12
Chapters 13-15
Chapters 16-18
Chapter 19 + epilogue
After the Eve Wars…Again (incomplete sequel)

Before You Go
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: As Heero lies wounded and dying in the hospital, Duo and Relena struggle to cope with their grief. (Very mild Heero/Relena, but the focus is on Duo.)

Bred for Destiny
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: On the first day of school, Duo, Quatre, & Wufei are recruited by two mysterious classmates, Hiiro & Trowa. Their mission is to use secret “Gundam” technology to fight a group of destructive rebels, but things are not as they first seem.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapters 4-5
Chapters 6-7
Chapters 8-9
Chapters 10-13
Chapters 14-16
Chapters 17-18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 + a slapdash ending

Christmas Letters
Posted here on AO3.
The Gundam Wing characters exchange e-mails on Christmas Eve. Duo is hyper, Heero is not responding, Trowa’s e-mail account keeps getting hacked, and the shuttles are mysteriously breaking down….

Just Friends…Right?
Posted here on AO3.
Super-old, disgustingly sappy Duo/Hilde fic.

Lumineuse: Music {Duet} (theme 25) [crossover with Kingdom Hearts]
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: While slacking off on a mission, Demyx makes a new friend.

The Mini-Mobile Suit Races
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Quatre and Duo compete in the “Mini-Mobile Suit Races,” like car racing except with miniature Gundams.

Searching for the Sun Lands
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Fantasy AU. “What!” cried the braided mage. “You kidnapped Princess Relena and then lost her to that Winner sultan? What kind of assassin ARE you, Heero?” *permanently incomplete*
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Alternate universe in which the G-boys are small children, and all brothers. On Christmas Eve, little Duo decides to wait up for Santa – and he’s determined to drag the other four along for the ride.

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How to Train Your Dragon
On AO3, most or all of the fics relating to my HTTYD headcanons are collected here.
My miscellaneous one-shots are collected here.

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Canon-based fanfiction

Strongest Of Them All
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: In the Barbaric Archipelago, defective or unwanted infants are customarily sent to their deaths. Hiccup narrowly escaped such a fate.

Each Day Of Life
Summary: Hiccup’s mere existence has consequences for both his father and his tribe. Sequel to Strongest Of Them All.


{Brothers (prelude)}
Summary: Toothless’s backstory from his perspective. Starts when he’s a hatchling, goes all the way through “The Downed Dragon” and will possibly continue on through the rest of canon. At the moment, I’m not really sure if this is a multi-chapter or a series of one-shots; it depends on how much I can eventually get written.

Part 1 – Scaring Away Monsters
Summary: A Night Fury fledgling finds a six-year-old Viking boy lost in the woods.
Commissioned illustration by Medli45: sketch and colored version

Part 2 – Hunting For Trolls
Summary: Young Toothless watches ten-year-old Hiccup hunt for trolls.

Part 3 – Risk
Summary: Young Toothless is captured by the Red Death.

Part 4 – Alone
Summary: Toothless, while still under the Red Death’s control, keeps noticing a certain small human boy, and finds him mildly interesting.

Brothers (HTTYD1)
Forbidden Friendship ~Christmas 2016 gift for Anna~

Proper Appreciation
Summary: Hookfang’s perspective on Hiccup’s final exam.

Summary: After the Red Death’s defeat, Toothless, Stoick, and the rest of Berk wait for Hiccup to awaken. ~For bulbul523 (a.k.a. lonely-nightingale)~


How To Train Your Dragon, As Viewed By Dragons
Summary: How dragons would perceive “How to Train Your Dragon” if they watched it. *”pilot episode;” I’ll try to continue if people like it, or just leave it as an experiment if people don’t*
Part 1 – This Is Berk

Smelly (parts one and two)
Summary: When dragons come to live on Berk, bathing becomes an unexpectedly challenging issue, particularly for the new flock queen and consort.

Summary: Hiccup would probably be surprised to learn of all the names Toothless has had for him.

Summary: Toothless, the most impressive dragon on Berk, realizes to his dismay that his human partner happens to be the weakest and scrawniest of the Berk Vikings.

LSLS: Inadequate
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Hiccup feels like an inadequate boyfriend. Hiccup/Astrid
Original version
Re-write [censored version]

LSLS: Official
Summary: Snotlout and the others learn that Hiccup & Astrid’s relationship is now official.

LSLS: Caught
Summary: Stoick catches Hiccup and Astrid making out. ~Requested by an anonymous reader~

Snowball Fight
Summary: Toothless and the dragons learn how to have a snowball fight. Tooth’s POV. ~For Christmas 2015; suggested by erifetim~

When Loved Ones Are Near (parts one and two)
Summary: Dagur and his Berserkers happen to attack during the one time of the year when Berk has no dragons. ~For Christmas 2014~
This is the much shorter version I condensed for the DreamWorksTV show Fun Fiction, though things didn’t work out and the story won’t be used for the project after all.
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any related fics.

Summary: Dragon rulers have a duty to perform for their newborn flock members. {Kiriban for Le’letha.}

LSLS: Expressing Affection
Summary: Something about this relationship needs to change…. Hiccup/Astrid

Lord of the Skies, Lady of the Sword: One Small Word
Summary: Astrid reflects on why she admires Hiccup.

Altered Reunion
Summary: Valka’s perspective of reuniting with Hiccup. Differs from the movie in some ways.

Small New Ally
Summary: The good alpha’s perspective on meeting Hiccup.

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Post-canon fanfiction
On AO3, some of these fics are collected here.

The One I’d Catch
Summary: Cloudjumper struggles with the changes in his relationship with Valka now that she has been reunited with her son. ~For Anna~
*Includes “What dragons think of Hiccup” omake

Summary: After the events that resulted in Toothless becoming alpha, Berk’s vastly changed dragon flock now has three distinct factions.

Summary: The concept of humans having their own true language is difficult for dragons to understand.

A Small Addition To Berk’s Flock
Summary: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III can apparently befriend and train ANY dragon – even Drago Bludvist’s Bewilderbeast. *in-progress*
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
This is the much shorter version I condensed for the DreamWorksTV show Fun Fiction, though things didn’t work out and the story won’t be used for the project after all.

Language Lessons
Summary: Hiccup starts learning how to understand and communicate with dragons in their own language.

Favorite Toy
Summary: Snowflake the Screaming Death pays Berk a visit for the first time since Valka and Squirt took up residence. {Kiriban for Summoning Secrets.}

Three Halves
Summary: Hiccup & Astrid’s wedding from Toothless’s POV.


{He’s Not Dangerous}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Hiccup & Toothless meet other Night Furies.

Original one-shot
Summary: Toothless has to convince a flock of Night Furies not to kill Hiccup on sight.
Toothless’s perspective
Slyfoot’s perspective: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4

[Variation 2]

[Variation 3] Accepted
Summary: An alternate scenario of Hiccup & Toothless finding other Night Furies. Toothless is reunited with his family. ~Kiriban for SkyHighFan~

Summary: Slyfoot & Pinecone join Berk’s flock. Sequel to He’s Not Dangerous from Pinecone’s point of view.


First Flight
Summary: Toothless has a hard time adjusting to Hiccup’s first child.

What It Feels Like To Be Different
Summary: Hiccup has a heart-to-heart with his discouraged son.

Summary: Stoick Jr. finds a way to protect himself which is not looked upon favorably by his family.

Until We Meet At The Table Of Kings
Posted here on AO3.
Hiccup and Toothless complete each other, as if they are two halves of one being; separation is unthinkable – yet they can’t avoid death forever.
Lost Wings – Hiccup loses Toothless.

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Canon-based alternate universe fanfiction

Early Reunion (parts one and two)
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Alternate scenario – Valka returns to Berk when her son is 16, a year after Hiccup ended the dragon war. Rated for non-graphic marital sex in the first half.

Moon Dancer’s Gift (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Roxas & Xion decide that they need dragons of their own. Flame Dancer is all for it; the only problem is that his other half loathes humans. *in-progress* ~For AkuSaiRokuShi Day 2014.~
Chapter 1 (parts one and two)

Name Change
Summary: Hiccup & Astrid’s four-year-old daughter changes her name when she learns why Stoick never calls her by it.

Do Over
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Experimental time travel vignettes.
Vikings looking for Hiccup
Toothless looking for Hiccup
Skittish soldiers

The Dragon Queen of Berk
Summary: “Every nest has its queen.” HTTYD2 one-shot (written before I actually saw the movie).
On AO3, many of my fics that use this headcanon are collected here.

Rulers of Berk
Summary: The “royal family” of Berk prepares to receive important visitors.

{OUTTAKE from Blend In} “Hide”
Summary: Hiccup brings home an abandoned dragon hatchling, whose extreme insecurity causes some humorous difficulties.

{Carried Off}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: In a world where he never shot down a dragon, Hiccup, a young husband and father, is abducted by a Night Fury during a raid. He spends the next fifteen years in an icy dragon sanctuary until an unexpected reunion with his dragon-riding teenage children.
“What if?” scenario with Hiccup in Valka’s role, though it ended up being a lot darker than I expected.

*Note: Some parts of this fic are easier to understand if you’ve read Each Day Of Life first.

Warnings for verbal/emotional, physical, and sexual abuse (particularly in the first nine chapters), as well as “Your Mileage May Vary” incidents throughout the fic.
Despite all the (not very explicit) sexual content, this fic does not have much (if any) romance.

Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapters 5-6
Chapters 7-8
Chapter 9

Chapters 1-9 posted here on AO3.
The music video for “Try” by P!nk really reminded me of how I wrote Hiccup & Astrid’s relationship in Carried Off. (Warning that the video contains stylistically simulated abuse and rape.)

Most of the story is posted here on AO3.
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21

Summary: Hiccup’s abduction from Toothless’s perspective.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

(Carried Off continued)
Chapter 22 (AO3)
Chapter 23

*I had intended to wait until I finished the “Interim” story arc to post it, but computer glitches prompted me to start posting what I have so far even though it’s all very messy and out of order. I will now update as I go until I finish “Interim,” and will organize it properly later.

Disorganized segment posted on 24 Oct. 2016
Disorganized segment posted on 26 Oct. 2016
Disorganized segment posted on 28 Oct. 2016
Eret subplot, part 1
Eret subplot, part 2
Eret subplot, part 3
Eret subplot, part 4
“Finn and the forge” subplot, part 1
“Finn and the forge” subplot, part 2
“Finn and the forge” subplot, part 3
“Finn and the forge” subplot, part 4
“Finn and animals” subplot
Gruffnut subplot
Random snippets: Val’s letter / Dragon Voice / Hound & Reign
“Fishlegs’s family” subplot

After I finish and organize the “Interim” story arc, then it will be the HTTYD1 and HTTYD2 arcs.


Picture of Astrid & Hiccup in this AU, painted by TheWyvernsWeaver

Art by Uchiha-Umeko: Group picture | Twins’ birth | Hiccup’s first encounter with Toothless | Hiccup’s reunion with Gobber | Hiccup’s dragon family | Young Finn & Val | Eret shocks Hiccup | Older Astrid

Alternate scenarios – Experimental versions of Carried Off with altered elements.
These can be read in any order.
I haven’t posted any yet, but these are the ones I’m working on or have planned:
-Astrid is not abusive.
-Astrid has a low libido.
-Hiccup is never abducted (he meets Toothless when his children are teenagers)
-The twins are abducted along with Hiccup
-Hiccup’s mother is alive in the Sanctuary

[Note to self]
Alteration: Most of the characters, including Hiccup & Astrid, are genderswapped.


Posted here on AO3.
Summary: When Valka is carried off by Cloudjumper, baby Hiccup is taken as well. He grows up in the alpha Bewilderbeast’s icy Sanctuary, eventually returning to Berk as a teenager who’s more dragon than human. This is a series of related vignettes.

For the 100 Themes Challenge on DeviantArt, Variation 1 by AngieChild. {Incomplete}

Theme order

1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can’t
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

Alternate themes:
2-5. Rot
2-22. Mother
2-87. Hunger
4-58. Lies
4-66. Fly Me to the Moon

Chronological order

Introduction – Valka and her family meet a certain dragon family.

Gray – Hiccup has to find an alternate way to claim Toothless as his friend.

I Can’t – Bathing turns out to be an unexpected difficulty.

Innocence – Valka discovers that their beloved friends have been Night Furies all this time.

Expectations – The idea takes some getting used to.

Dying – Hiccup’s first set of wings.

Annoyance – Valka tries to explain to Hiccup about his father.

Break Away – Hiccup is unhappy about his mother having left Berk.

Love – Valka and the alpha discuss how human love differs from dragon love.

Heaven – Hiccup, Toothless, Valka, & Cloudjumper encounter a princess and her retinue.

Foreign – Young Hiccup meets an arrogant boy named Eret.

Lies – Hiccup attempts to sneak away from home to see Eret again.

Tears – The alpha tries to tell Hiccup what he needs to do in order to safely mingle with humans.

Test – While enduring a traumatic bath as his first practice round of “human camouflage,” Hiccup makes a connection between human verbal speech and dragon scent-marks. Valka is pained by the sense that her attempts to keep Hiccup human are simply driving him farther away from her.

Words – More practice.

*unassigned partial draft*

Puzzle – Soon after Eret returns home from his ordeal, rumors of ghosts begin to circulate.

*unassigned partial draft*

OUTTAKE: “Dialogue Formatting Test” – The characters goof around “off-camera” in my attempt to figure out a good formatting system for the different languages in this story.

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Alternate universe fanfiction

{In Every World}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Sci-fi AU. Hiccup doesn’t know why he’s mysteriously drawn to the giant alien robot that killed everyone who tried to pilot it, but when he’s the last thing standing between his city and annihilation, he’ll find out.

{Moon Dancing}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Modern fantasy AU where Hiccup is half-fae.

Lumineuse: Creeper (theme 16)
Summary: Most of Hadley’s time in Faerie is a nightmare, but at least there’s one good thing about reconnecting with his magical heritage.

{Welcome To Our World}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Modern AU where Hiccup & Max (Toothless) are special needs children.

Gentle (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Hiccup & Toothless are eight-year-old special education students. ~April 2015, Autism Month~

Play Date
Summary: Hiccup’s parents take him to Max’s house for a play date so that Valka can show Stoick how well the boys get along.

The rest of the “Welcome To Our World” series are all fully Kingdom Hearts stories.

{To Put It In Perspective}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Species swap retelling of the movies.

Book 1 – The Queen Falls (HTTYD1)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Original vignette
Summary: The great (human) warrior Toothless watches his crazy little dragon Hiccup charm yet another hostile enemy into submission.

Book 2 (HTTYD2)

Book 3 (HTTYD3)

{Dragon Treasure}
Posted here on AO3.

The One Thing That’s Right
Summary: A captive Night Fury hatchling befriends the four-year-old boy who has been locked inside his cage.

Dirge [censored version]
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Seth’s perspective; takes place shortly before Dragon Treasure. Seth encounters an unusual customer who ends up alerting the CWD.
Warnings for profanity, underage prostitution, strong religious themes, and the fact that both the main characters in this one-shot are my OCs (canon characters are only very briefly mentioned).

Dragon Treasure
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Modern AU. Hiccup & Toothless have spent eight years in a cage, having nothing to live for but each other. Stoick has devoted his career to rescuing children from abusive environments, but Night Furies are a little outside his expertise. The last thing Valka expected to see when she walked into her estranged husband’s house was an orphaned twelve-year-old boy and one of the rarest dragons on earth. (Rated for references to physical and sexual child abuse.)
Chapter 1 – Performance
Chapter 2 – Rescue
Chapter 3 – Clean
Chapter 4 – Interview, part 1
Chapter 5 – Interview, part 2
Chapter 6 – Tutor
Chapter 7 – Evaluation
Chapter 8 – Routine, part 1
Chapter 9 – Routine, part 2
Chapter 10 – Family

First Halloween
Summary: Hiccup & Toothless’s first Halloween in the real world.

Summary: Eight years after their rescue, Hiccup meets up with Seth and Ruby (now called Jennifer), who bring along a certain guest.

OUTTAKE: “Memoir”
Summary: Excerpt from a draft of Hiccup’s memoir.

I’m not ready to write this story yet, but my muse seems to be obsessed with drawing it, so I’ll list my relevant pictures here in the meantime. *sweatdrop*
Bosom sisters
Show you my wings

Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Modern fantasy fusion AU. Fifteen-year-old Hiccup comes to live with his mother in the middle of nowhere, never dreaming that some of the residents of this small town hold secrets he could have never imagined. NO SLASH. *in-progress*
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

{Crossovers with Batman and DC Comics}

The Birds Who Smile is not a crossover, but one of the alternate endings is (see this collection on AO3).
A Meeting of Kings
Summary: The great Bewilderbeast seeks help from the closest thing Gotham City has to an alpha.

{His Soul Reflects My Own}
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: High school outcast Hiccup is just as eager to drive away the invading aliens as everyone else in his world is – then everything changes when he manages to capture a Night Fury. Modern sci-fi/fantasy AU of the movies.

Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
HTTYD1 *in-progress*
Chapter 1 – “This Is Berk”
Chapter 2 – “The Downed Dragon”
Chapter 3 – “Dragon Training”
Chapter 4 – “Wounded”
Chapter 5 – “Forbidden Friendship”
Chapter 6 – “New Tail”
Chapter 7 – “See You Tomorrow”
Half of “Not So Fireproof”
“Dragon’s Den”
“Ready The Ships”
Most of “You’re Gonna Need Something To Help You Hold On” – Part 1 (parts one and two)
“You’re Gonna Need Something To Help You Hold On” – Part 2

Takes place during the five-year interval between HTTYD1 and HTTYD2

Born Unchained
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Shortly after the Red Death’s defeat, Berk’s human residents are startled by the first dragon mating season they’ve ever witnessed.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Summary: Hiccup soon gets tired of his best friend’s new favorite pastime. ~Dedicated to Medli45~

The Perfect Gift
Summary: It’s Hiccup’s first Valentine’s Day with an actual girlfriend to celebrate it with, and everything goes wrong. Somehow, it ends up being perfect anyway. {Tart version: Same thing, plus naked pictures. [NOT images; I mean, the characters look at them in the story.]} ~For Valentine’s Day 2016~
Sweet version
Tart version, parts one and two

HTTYD2 *in-progress*
“Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary”

Takes place after HTTYD2

Summary: Toothless discovers exactly why Stoick isn’t around anymore.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Birth by Sleep
Summary: Squirt decides to trust Hiccup with something precious.

Creative Expression – Under Water (theme 41) [crossover with Kingdom Hearts]
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Two young boys – one forced into constant combat training, the other enslaved by a madman – have a chance encounter on Destiny Islands one afternoon. Platonic Riku/Squirt, with some platonic Sora/Riku/Kairi on the side. Prequel to Freedom.
Medli45 drew an illustration of Riku & Squirt. :3

Summary: For the young Dream Master who was once a nameless slave of Drago Bludvist, becoming truly free is more than a matter of simply transferring his loyalty. *in-progress*
Chapter 1

Freedom – Under the Summer Sun (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Summary: A shattered heart, a girl chained by memories, a nameless copy – Kazé, Naminé, and Dawn, slowly healing in their second chance at life, understand Squirt better than he knows. (Or: Squirt spends a day on Destiny Islands with the “Next Life” crew.)

Freedom (continued)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Freedom – Dragons in the Garden (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Summary: Toothless & Stormfly take Squirt to Radiant Garden for a meal and some medical attention, which little Roxas & Xion help them obtain.

A picture of Hiccup trying to get Squirt in the holiday spirit. XD

{OUTTAKE from Freedom} “Gift”
Summary: What Squirt is not going to give Hiccup for Snoggletog. XD

A commissioned picture of Squirt by Medli45 that I can’t explain until I’ve posted that chapter. ^^

{OUTTAKE from He’s Not Dangerous} “Erased” (parts one and two)
Summary: Hiccup is forced to wipe his dragon’s entire chip. Toothless, awakening in a strange flock with no memories, spends days struggling with his shattered identity and trying to avoid the weird human stalker who won’t leave him alone.

Playground Insult
Summary: Toothless’s young son doesn’t like what the other dragon kids call him at school.

Pictures by Medli45 except where otherwise noted
15-year-old Toothless concept art
20-year-old Toothless concept art
Commissioned Stormfly character design (younger version)
Commissioned Hookfang character design (younger version)
Commissioned Meatlug character design (younger version)
Commissioned Barf & Belch character design (younger version)
Commissioned Squirt (dark Bewilderbeast) character design

Requested Palette Challenge picture of Toothless
Commissioned picture of Toothless bugging Hiccup because he’s bored XD
Commissioned picture of Hiccup & Toothless in school uniforms
A picture I drew of Toothless goofing around on Valentine’s Day
Commissioned sketch of Toothless falling asleep on Hiccup’s shoulder
(This is my own really ugly drawing of the same thing.)
Commissioned sketch of Hiccup & Toothless playing in the snow (uncolored version)
A picture I drew of Toothless and his “family.” This is the first in what will hopefully be a five-part series.

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La Corda d’Oro

The Real You
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Kazuki finally discovers what his best friend is REALLY like. Kazuki/Azuma/Kahoko.

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Lord of the Flies

Pizza Party
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: A short parody of the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

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Lovely Complex (Love*Com)

Married With Kids
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: “This is all your fault, Dad! Just my luck that I’ve got All Hanshin Kyojin for parents!”

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Rurouni Kenshin

Better Than Santa
Summary: Enishi is forced to spend Christmas Eve with his six-year-old nephew. Modern AU. Platonic Enishi/Kenji for Christmas 2012.

A Cinderella Snapshot
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any related fics.
Summary: Battousai is in no shape to ask Princess Kaoru to marry him. Looks like he needs some help from an unexpected “fairy godmother.” Based on a scene from the Cinderella fairy tale.

Dragon Hunting
Summary: Sanosuke and Yahiko are dragon hunting. They expected to confront a monstrous beast, not a cute little red dragon and its bossy maiden sacrifice.

Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Kaoru knows that something’s weird at her new school when Yukishiro picks a fight with Himura – and all the students run AWAY.

A Fulfilled Life
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Sanosuke is perfectly happy just the way he is. Modern AU. For Ace Awareness Day 2014.

I’ll Be Home For More Than Christmas
Summary: Looks like she won’t be alone on Christmas Eve after all. Sano/Megumi gift for The Layman.

In Enemy Hands
Summary: Kenshin and Kaoru search for their kidnapped son, a toddler who has ended up in the care of…Yukishiro Enishi. Who was not anticipating either the baby-sitting or the injured leg on his quest to make amends.

Lunch Date with a Hitokiri
Summary: Kenshin finds some unexpected mercy. Kenshin/Tomoe; modern AU.

My Baka Deshi is a Family Man
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Hiko comes across a red-haired child and grudgingly realizes that his stupid apprentice is now a family man. Slightly AU (Kenshin & Tomoe are married). Conceived as a sequel to Wandering, but it can and should stand alone.

My Dragon Husband
Summary: Transformed into a horrible beast, Kaoru is miserable until her husband suddenly shows up. Unfortunately, he doesn’t recognize her, and she must win his heart again before it’s too late. Kenshin/Kaoru

Number IV, parts one and two (crossover with Kingdom Hearts and Maximum Ride)
Summary: After a giant Heartless crashes Sanosuke & Megumi’s wedding, the Kenshingumi seek to reunite, as Roxas & Xion befriend the Organization’s newest member. Kenshin/Tomoe and various platonic pairings. Giftfic for The Layman.
(Failed attempts)

RuroKen Star Wars
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Kenshin was content to be a desert farmer, but now he must master Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu, rescue Princess Kaoru, and blow up the evil government’s new battle station before time runs out for the Meiji Rebel Alliance. Star Wars parody, RK relationships.
Chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Rurouni Kenshin Instant Messenger
Summary: Jin-e crashes an instant message conversation between the Kenshingumi.

Sapphire Scales: A Dragon Love Story
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Responsible for many slayings, Battousai is finally caught, sentenced to death, and offered to a dragon. Out of guilt, he faces his fate bravely – except that the dragon doesn’t seem to want to eat him, and he finds himself…feeling sorry for her? Kenshin/Kaoru
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-8

The Lost Hatchling
Summary: “The little girl should have been dead, but she wasn’t.” For Kenji, trying to forget his horrific past and be a normal kid becomes impossible when he witnesses little Suzume fall off a roof. She’s not the only one with dragon wings. Sequel to Sapphire Scales.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
omake (part 1)

[There Will Be A Next Time]
Summary: Sisters Tomoe & Kaoru receive a couple of visitors. AU; Tomoe/Sanosuke, Kenshin/Kaoru

To Tomoe
From Kaoru
This picture by amie689 coincidentally happened to capture the theme very well.

Unlost for the 100_situations community on LiveJournal
Subject: Kenshin, Tomoe, Enishi, & Kenji in various combinations (platonic except sometimes for Kenshin/Tomoe)
Posted here on AO3.

The RuroKen fandom sucks, and I gave up on the challenge (officially). I still wanna try to finish the theme list, but I won’t worry about making all the stories stick to those four characters or even to RuroKen, and there are certain stories I will never post. :p

1. Tired
Summary: On the run, Kenshin, Tomoe, Enishi, & Kenji are forced to stop for the night. Period AU.

2. Back Alley
Summary: Maybe Kenji will think twice about jumping in front of oncoming traffic next time. Modern AU; inspired by The Cat Returns.

3. Sunrise (canon-based; Kingdom Hearts setting)
Summary: Enishi is briefly reunited with his sister in Twilight Town.

4. Late
Summary: Tomoe is Late for School. Modern AU; parody.

5. Son
Summary: Tomoe gets better at playing, and becomes a mother.

6. Hot
7. Friend
8. Floor – partial draft

9. Cheat
Summary: During a festival in Ponyville, Tiger Eyes challenges Swordheart to a competition. This might be just what White Plum needs for her next report on the power of friendship. …Or not. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic AU setting.

10. Think
11. Disgust
12. Shelter

13. Borrow
Summary: Kenshin had an unexpected adventure. Modern AU.

14. Chair – partial draft
15. Alter

16. Peace (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Summary: Enishi & Xion bond over ice cream. Sequel to “Sunrise” and “Confused.”

17. Beach – partial draft; KH crossover
18. True
19. Crazy
20. Love
21. New
22. Beggar
23. False
24. Happy
25. Cancer
26. Pickpocket
27. Reverse
28. Deliver
29. Arrival
30. Fall
31. Knife
32. Torn
33. Danger
34. Neutral
35. Mate
36. Fly
37. Loud
38. Touch
39. Seek
40. Argue
41. Work
42. Sink
43. Nut
44. Stuck
45. Animal
46. Pray
47. Kill
48. Light
49. Cold
50. Affair
51. Restaurant
52. Movie
53. Wait
54. Patient
55. Crime
56. Choke
57. Fever
58. Summer
59. Eat
60. Thirst
61. Chance
62. Appear
63. Whisper
64. Day
65. Scream
66. Fail

67. Confused (crossover with Kingdom Hearts)
Summary: Enishi tries out his sister’s suggestion. Xion makes a new friend. Sequel to “Sunrise.”

68. Smile
69. Come
70. Alone
71. Fast
72. Slow
73. Return
74. Fire
75. Positive

76. Baby
Summary: Bad as it’s been for Kenji ever since he lost his parents, Enishi has had it worse. Modern AU.

77. Upset
78. Kitchen
79. Winter
80. Ignorant
81. Fool
82. Afraid
83. Prison

84. Sex – Already Taken Care Of
Summary: Kenshin should have done this a long time ago. Modern AU.

85. Hate
86. Alarm
87. Genius
88. Negative
89. Flood
90. Bomb
91. Hospital
92. Trap
93. Celebrate
94. Old
95. Disappear
96. Writer’s Choice [In Enemy Hands]
97. Writer’s Choice [Better Than Santa]
98. Writer’s Choice [Number IV]
99. Writer’s Choice [Lunch Date with a Hitokiri]
100. Writer’s Choice [either Enishi/Kaoru or A Fulfilled Life or OT4+*someone* (I haven’t written them yet)]

Weird Kenshin/Tomoe fic inspired by The Mindsifter by Khrysalis. Summary is that Kenshin wandered off and never came back, so Tomoe sets off to look for him with their child in tow.

The Faerie Chronicles of Kenshin and Kaoru: Part 1 – The Useless Sword and the Enchanted Rose
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Based on “Beauty and the Beast.” Kaoru meets the frightening warrior Battousai on the night of a snowstorm. They soon part ways, neither of them realizing that the other is hiding secrets which will bring them together again.
Chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Chapters 4-5
Chapters 6-7
Chapter 8

The Faerie Chronicles of Kenshin and Kaoru: Part 2 – Reclamation
Summary: Although finally freed from assassin’s work, Kenshin can’t afford to settle down with his new bride quite yet. Setting out to reclaim his kingdom and unaware that Kaoru and the others aren’t simply waiting quietly for his return, Kenshin’s real task is not defeating Senkaku, who has taken over in Shishio’s absence – it is gaining the trust of his oppressed people. *permanently incomplete*

The Faerie Chronicles of Kenshin and Kaoru: Part 3 – The Princess and the Assassin
Summary: What was it like for Kenshin as young Hitokiri Battousai, forced to carry out assassinations for Shishio Makoto? How did he meet the enchantress Tomoe, and what happened between them long ago? Prequel to The Useless Sword and the Enchanted Rose.
Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 and Epilogue

The Faerie Chronicles of Kenshin and Kaoru: Part 4 – The Sleeping Prince
Summary: Loosely based on “Sleeping Beauty.” Kenshin & Kaoru now reign as king and queen. When their first child is born, little Prince Kenji is placed under a terrible spell by the enchantress Tomoe, but she is not the real culprit. Kenshin must travel to Faerie to rescue her and his son, but Kaoru is not about to be left behind.
Prologue and chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapters 7-8
Chapter 9, parts one and two
Chapters 10-11
Chapter 12, parts one and two
Chapters 13-14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16, parts one and two
Chapter 17
A picture of Titania from this story, by abstractbizaare

The Faerie Chronicles of Kenshin and Kaoru: Part 5 – Immortality
Summary: Kaoru thinks she is a normal high school student who happens to have caught the attention of one the richest men in the city. Ken O’Neill, however, seems to know her much better than he should from merely a few days’ acquaintance, as do his employees. Why is he so interested in her, and what is his link to the infamous Battousai, who is fighting against a government now headed by Shishio Makoto? *permanently incomplete*
Prologue + chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-11
Chapters 12-13 + a slapdash ending

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Voltron: Legendary Defender
On AO3, my miscellaneous one-shots for this fandom are collected here.

Message Center
Summary: Pidge inadvertently starts a new trend when it comes to leaving messages for Shiro.

Reach Across the Stars (DevArt version)
Summary: Team Voltron has been hopelessly separated. Lance & Hunk are captured by aliens and told to either sing or die.

Space Dad
Summary: All their fathers are hopelessly out of reach. Luckily, they’ve got a good stand-in.

Fire & Moonlight: Galaxies (theme 98) [crossover with Kingdom Hearts]
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: The Blue paladin is still the Blue paladin, no matter what he looks like. ~For Axel/Saïx Day, 7 August 2016~

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Fruits Basket

From Wish to Reality
Posted here on AO3.

Inseparable: A Mabudachi Trio fic
Posted here on AO3.
Part 1
Parts 2-3

(Not so) Fun Fruits Basket Switches!
Posted here on AO3.

The Same Shade of Yellow
Posted here on AO3.
Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapters 5-6
Chapter 7
Chapters 8-9
Chapter 10
Ten Years After (sequel)
Illustration by kittycow
I was telling my friend Kittycow one time that I’d like to see a picture of Ayame cutting his hair like Yuki’s in an attempt to bring them closer as brothers, and she ended up drawing it for me. X3 I later incorporated the idea into The Same Shade of Yellow: Ten Years After.

Stuck-up Beauty, Reformed Beast
Posted here on AO3.
Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-7
Chapters 8-9 + epilogue

Posted here on AO3.

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