INDEX: My canon-based Kingdom Hearts fanfiction [updated 6 June 2018]

For religious reasons, none of my work will contain slash romance.
I do not ship pedo pairings.
I crosspost as much as possible, though certain stories are hidden, censored, or not allowed on some sites.

Table of contents
Takes place before Birth by Sleep
Birth by Sleep
Takes place between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts
Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days
(Christmas at the Castle)
Kingdom Hearts II
Takes place between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III
Takes place during a theoretical Kingdom Hearts III
Takes place after Kingdom Hearts III
(The Next Life)

On AO3, most or all of these fics are collected here (story collection) and here (series).

*I experiment with different scenarios, possibilities, and pairings, so not all of these stories could fit together on the same timeline; there are various discrepancies.
Also, there were some stories where I wasn’t sure what order to put them in.


-“The Next Life” premise: After Xehanort’s defeat, all the Nobodies/replicas/etc. revert back to the physical state they were in when they lost their hearts, etc. (In other words, Lea & Isa are young teenagers; Roxas & Xion are small children; etc.)

-I’m not doing Dream Drop Distance for the “One Sky, One Destiny” series.

My Brother Sephiroth is a Jerk is an FF7-only fic where Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, & Loz are Jenova’s children in a modern semi-AU. In my KH headcanon, Sephiroth is Jenova’s (in name only) husband instead, and Riku is the triplets’ younger brother (so is Dawn [Repliku] occasionally).

Takes place before Birth by Sleep

Sapphire Eyes: Birth (theme 1)
Summary: Sapphique recalls how Ventus came to be her son.

Shine and Reflect: Event 1 – Meeting
Summary: Young Lea & Isa first meet. ~Lea/Isa Day 2013~

No Need To Hide
Summary: Eight-year-old Isa has always hated Christmas Eve. Thanks to Lea, that’s about to change.

untitled 2

Before Sora
Summary: Ventus is such a sweet boy…and yet, the pure darkness that is Vanitas had to come from SOMEWHERE, right? My take on what Ven might have been like as a child, before he was broken and before his heart encountered Sora’s. *in-progress*
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Battle Stance: Winner’s Proof (theme 25)
Summary: Isa wins both competitions. It’s what happens afterward that’s the problem.

My Heart Can’t Break As Long As I’m With You: Valentine’s Day 2014
Summary: Lea & Isa make Valentine’s Day chocolate.

The Next Life: Creative Expression – Sparkle (theme 95)
*see “The Next Life” for summary*

Treasure of my Heart: Holiday (theme 21)
Summary: Four-year-old Riku has a feeling that his family might not be getting this “Christmas” thing quite right. ~Christmas 2014~
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Versus Undistorted: Extreme Encounters (theme 26)
Summary: On Christmas Eve, Sora made a friend. On Christmas Day, Riku gains some allies. Sequel to Treasure of my Heart: Holiday. ~For Christmas 2015~

Battle Stance: Stormfall (theme 97)
Summary: Five-year-old Riku helps rescue Sora’s family during a storm. ~Late birthday gift for Medli45~

Because It Tastes Like Friendship
Summary: Ienzo is the one most upset about this odd new allergy they’ve developed, but maybe they can think of something to make him feel better…. Platonic fluff for Ansem and his apprentices. ~FFN kiriban for sonicdisney~

Undistorted: Innocent Times (theme 10)
Summary: …Demyx, don’t try to feed the evil Heartless, plz. -.- ~6 September 2012, Demyx/Zexion Day~

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Birth by Sleep

Dream Waltz: Sorrow (theme 2)
Summary: Seriously, doesn’t she even notice that some spiky-haired weirdo is battling a swarm of monsters behind her?

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Takes place between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts

A Gift for the Sleeper
Summary: It’s kind of hard to celebrate Christmas in the Dive to the Heart. Vanitas takes a shot at it anyway. *somewhat dark*

Luna Diviner: Letter From The Past and Lea’s Letter
Summary: Isa & Lea write letters to their future selves. ~For Isa/Saix and Lea/Axel Days 2012~

Bastion of Light: Mystery (theme 39)
Summary: Young Axel finally discovers the fate of his younger siblings.

Fire & Moonlight: Go Away (theme 34)
Summary: Axel & Saïx meet their servants for the first time.

Fire & Moonlight: Laugh (theme 38)
Summary: “It’s necessary, fine, I get it. But do you have to act like you’re enjoying it so much?”

Fire & Moonlight: Flawed (theme 5)
Summary: Vexen wishes he had called in sick today. :p

As If It’s Too Much Work
Summary: Demyx isn’t sure how he ended up as a merman, but whatever; he’s content to just drift. Heh, “as if” he’d be allowed to. ~For 2 September 2012, Demyx/Xigbar Day~

Fire & Moonlight: In the Way (theme 18)
Summary: Not a good idea to procrastinate when the boss gives orders.

Fire & Moonlight: Bee (theme 25)
Summary: Round Room meetings are boring. Doesn’t help that Axel was probably up late playing video games the night before.

Fire & Moonlight: Puzzles (theme 11)
Summary: A shared mission in Wonderland.

Fire & Moonlight: No (theme 20)
Summary: They did try, especially in the beginning.

Fire & Moonlight: Venom (theme 47)
Summary: Axel & Saïx’s first Christmas at the Castle That Never Was.

Fire & Moonlight: Break (theme 43)
Summary: Young Axel & Saïx need a break.

Fire & Moonlight: Harmony (theme 41)
Summary: The castle’s youngsters celebrate Christmas.

Fire & Moonlight: Ghost (theme 52)
Summary: Young Axel & Saïx are enjoying their visit to Disney Town.

Fire & Moonlight: Scream (theme 7)
Summary: Apparently, this happens to Saïx a lot? o.O

Beautiful Disasters: Appointment
Summary: Young Riku dutifully attends a meeting.

His Soul Reflects My Own: Creative Expression – Under Water (crossover with How to Train Your Dragon)
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Two young boys – one forced into constant combat training, the other enslaved by a madman – have a chance encounter on Destiny Islands one afternoon. Platonic Riku/Squirt, with some platonic Sora/Riku/Kairi on the side.
Medli45 drew an illustration of Riku & Squirt. :3

Luna Diviner: Figment
Summary: No matter how different he is now, Saïx still can’t quite forget the boy he used to be. ~7 July 2013, Isa/Saix Day~ *temporarily incomplete*

untitled, parts one and two *dark fic*
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.

Fire & Moonlight: Scarlet (theme 80)
Summary: Young Axel & Saïx seek a certain woman who has what they need to complete their mission.

Fire & Moonlight: Never Again (theme 35)
Summary: Saïx officially hates this world.

Fire & Moonlight: Trust Me (theme 6)
Summary: Saïx may not care about his birthdays anymore, but this is one that Axel definitely does not want to miss.

Fire & Moonlight: Between (theme 68)
Summary: Pick a number.

Fire & Moonlight: Eat (theme 45) [real edition]
Summary: Axel was never the same after that.

Fire & Moonlight: Planet (theme 22)
Summary: As long as we’re breaking into the place for food, we might as well try out some of the games while we’re at it. Of course the games aren’t the real reason I suggested going there, why would you say that?

Fire & Moonlight: A Day in the Life (theme 58)
Summary: When Xemnas & Saïx leave for a week-long joint mission, Axel’s left in charge.
Companion fic: Moonlight Seekers
Summary: Saïx never thought he would miss the rest of the Organization, but then, he’s never before had to spend a week in the Keyblade Graveyard with no one but Xemnas for company. Platonic fic for Saïx/Xemnas Day 2012.

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Kingdom Hearts

One Sky, One Destiny: Part 1 – Kingdom Hearts
Summary: The hearts of Sora and his friends will always be connected. ~28 March 2012, Kingdom Hearts Japanese 10th anniversary~

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Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days

The Thirteenth Member
Summary: Roxas actually doesn’t remember his FIRST visit to Christmas Town. ~Christmas Day 2012~

Fire & Moonlight: Spaceman (theme 95)
Summary: Saïx is understandably jealous. Canon-ish AU.

Summary: What if Axel and Saïx had ever been able to meet their teenage selves? Platonic AkuSai/LeaIsa (plus a bit of Roxas & Xion) fic as my 78th story on FFN (posted on Christmas Day 2012).

The Other Side of Memory
Summary: Number VI experiences the results of a time travel experiment for the second time. Or maybe it still counts as the first time…gah, paradox. Platonic fic for Zexion/Ienzo Day 2012.

Fire & Moonlight: In The Sky (theme 3)
Summary: Axel must prove that he’s not making up stuff on his mission report.

Fire & Moonlight: Moonlight (theme 23)
Summary: Tinker Bell calls in the favor Saix owes her. Sequel to Fire & Moonlight: In The Sky.
Illustration by nasexsavkifs

Modern Love
Summary: Roxas is never going to figure out life, ever.

Fire & Moonlight: Empty (theme 21)
Summary: People have different ways of seeing the world.

Raindrops & Whiskers
Summary: The mother of all thunderstorms descends upon the castle. Xion’s scared to death. Platonic AkuRokuShi (mostly AkuShi) fluff.

Fire & Moonlight: Perfectly Broken (theme 10)
Summary: Not enough cookies to go around…or are there?

Fire & Moonlight: Waffle (theme 33)
Summary: Axel wants one.

untitled 8.13.14 drabble
Summary: Roxas & Xion’s first experience playing with action figures gets a little out of hand. ~For the ultimate Axel/Roxas/Xion Day~

Fire & Moonlight: Hands in the Air (theme 40)
Summary: Axel and Saïx infiltrate a secret laboratory.

First Blood, parts one, two, and three
Summary: She may be a boy’s replica, but she is most definitely female. Spoilers for 358/2 Days. Rated for slightly disturbing content, either physical or emotional or both, take your pick.
Alternate version

Fire & Moonlight: Torture (theme 39)
Summary: Sometimes, even shielding every bit of flesh from neck to toe isn’t enough. Thanks a lot, Belle.

Christmas at the Castle
Summary: After Demyx manages to pull off a majority vote for a Christmas party, Axel’s left to explain the concept to the kids. Now Roxas & Xion are faced with Christmas shopping for eleven jerks. (No pairings…mostly.) ~Christmas 2011~

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 ~Posted on 11/11/11~
Chapter 8
Chapter 9, parts one and two
Chapter 10
Chapter 11, parts one and two
Chapter 12

Christmas at the Castle: Undistorted – Laughter and Merriment (theme 4)
Summary: Karaoke time! Demyx/Zexion (Takes place during the Christmas party.)

Lexalice made an MMD illustration of the Christmas party getting out of hand. XD

Christmas at the Castle, chapter 13 (epilogue)

A picture I drew of Axel teasing Saix about Chi.

Christmas at the Castle: Fire & Moonlight – Kitten, substitute for theme 26
Summary: SO SOFT. 8D Saix/Bomb

Christmas at the Castle: Wireless Connection
Summary: Cell phones can be a wonderful thing. …Sometimes. Axel/Roxas/Xion ~For Infamousplot~

Christmas at the Castle: Fire & Moonlight – Puppy, substitute for theme 27
Summary: Like his best friend, Saïx also has a weakness against cute things. Saix/Destiny

Lumineuse: Puppy (theme 59)
Summary: There are pros and cons to being partnered with Demyx on missions.
This inspired a fanfic by nasexsavkifs. XD

My friend The Layman wrote a fanfic about Bomb & Destiny. XD

Christmas at the Castle: Bound by Fire – Axel and Saix
Summary: “I never lose things. So where is it? Chi, go find it.” Saïx needs his Disney Town ticket back. ~For Taliax~

Christmas at the Castle: Fire & Moonlight – Butterflies (theme 2)
Summary: Saïx needs a better nickname. On second thought, the old one was preferable. Saix/Maruhana

Lumineuse: Music (theme 25) (crossover with Gundam Wing)
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: While slacking off on a mission, Demyx makes a new friend.

Undistorted: The Secret Whispers (theme 8) [postable edition]
Summary: “…Oh. So that’s what it was about. I feel quite unintelligent now.” ~Zexion/Demyx Day 2012~

Fire & Moonlight: Pearl (theme 16)
Summary: It’s Saïx & Axel’s turn to pick up some things from the store.

Fire & Moonlight: Lost (theme 24)
Summary: Saïx loses something very important to Axel.

When The Lights Go Out
Summary: Chaos ensues in the Castle That Never Was. What else can you expect from thirteen volatile people with magical powers enclosed in a dark room?

Shadowless Princesses: A Curious Warmth {Axel & Alice}
Summary: They’ve both wandered through darkness. It does make it much easier to bear when you’re not alone. Platonic Axel/Alice

Shadowless Princesses: Heart of Light {Aurora & Roxas}
Summary: Roxas meets a young woman in the woods and learns some more life lessons. Platonic Aurora/Roxas ~For Kiryn~

BbFaML: Day 12 – Making out [Version 2]
Summary: More Life Lessons.

BbFaML: Day 12 – Making out [Version 1]
Summary: Saïx has some statistics to report that Axel has to prepare the kids for.

[Shadowless Princesses] Eyes Like A Tiger’s {Saix & Jasmine} for Cherished Tenshi‘s “Forgotten Couples” challenge
Summary: The girl is a Princess of Heart, of course she’s going to be nice to the weirdo in the suspicious black coat who’s been creeping around her city. Mostly platonic Saïx/Jasmine

This is the first challenge I’m going to attempt to do as a multi-chaptered fic, rather than a series of unrelated one-shots. The plot is dumb and the story will be ridiculous, but whatever. *sweatdrop*

I plan to do two installments for each theme, one a serious chapter, the other a sort of joke/omake.

1. Wave
This chapter inspired a fanfic by nasexsavkifs. XD
2. Breeze
*3. What?
*4. Joke
5. Flowers
6. Smell
7. Lucky
8. Question
9. Age
10. Help
11. News
12. Date
13. Smuggle
14. Hug
15. Excuse
16. Hollow
17. Fly
18. Tension
19. Almost
20. Cake
21. Gift
22. Glass
23. Connect
24. More
25. Bird
26. Poison
27. Wish
28. Snow
29. Hunger
30. Tree
31. Bow
32. Lonely
33. Second
34. Why?
35. Fight
36. Sunset
37. Chosen
38. Run
39. Reunion
40. Destiny
41. Now or Never
42. Cold
43. Munny
44. Pirate
45. Slave
46. Sky
47. Apple
48. Stars
49. Love
50. Kiss

Slightly AU omake: Eyes Like A Tiger’s: Within Music
Summary: Saix and Jasmine don’t have much to pass the time with as they wait to be rescued.
FermonsNosYeux sketched this illustration as a gift. X3 <3

Girl In White
Summary: Axel finds a cute thing in Castle Oblivion. Platonic Axel/Namine ~Requested by Infamousplot~

Roses & Kittens
Summary: Xion’s scared of thunder. Neither Axel nor Roxas are around to comfort her. Looks like it’s time to break out that blackmail. Attempted SaiShi, though it ended up really being AkuSai (both platonic).

This Kind of Love: Axel & Naminé
Summary: Axel was wrong when he thought that being at Castle Oblivion would give him a break from being a mom.
Battle Stance: Sign of Innocence (theme 16)
Summary: Is it the kids who are magnetically attracted to Axel, or the other way around?

Fire & Moonlight: Someone Like You (theme 15)
Summary: Axel returns from Castle Oblivion.

Now I Have One Too
Summary: “It’s always about your friends, isn’t it.” “At least I have some!” With Ven’s cruel words ringing in his ears, Vanitas sulks in the Realm of Darkness until he meets Riku’s replica. {I seriously need to revise this so that Vanitas is not so OOC. DX}

Unlost: Sunrise (prompt 3) (mostly a Rurouni Kenshin fic)
Summary: Enishi is briefly reunited with his sister in Twilight Town.

Unlost: Confused (prompt 67) (crossover with Rurouni Kenshin)
Summary: Enishi tries out his sister’s suggestion. Xion makes a new friend.

Unlost: Peace (prompt 16) (crossover with Rurouni Kenshin)
Summary: Enishi & Xion bond over ice cream.

This Kind of Love: Riku & Namine
Summary: There are a lot of things Naminé has never experienced before, and only one person around to teach her…. Platonic fic for 8 December 2012, Riku/Naminé Day.

Summary: Well, it’s not like they have anyone else to spend Valentine’s Day with…. Platonic Riku/Naminé for Valentine’s Day 2013.

Pages Filled With Memories
Summary: Riku is having a tough time, so Naminé thinks of a way to help him out. ~Inspired by Medli45‘s picture and written for her as a contest prize. :)~

Lumineuse: Courage (theme 38)
Summary: Riku is in trouble, and Naminé will do everything in her power to help him. ~Inspired by Medli45~

Life Lessons: Song (theme 55)
Summary: After a bad day at work for both of them, Riku decides to teach Naminé how to dance. This would be easier if he knew how to dance himself. ~KHplatonicLove raffle prize for Medli45~

Unlost: Number IV, parts one and two (crossover with Rurouni Kenshin and Maximum Ride)
Summary: After a giant Heartless crashes Sanosuke & Megumi’s wedding, the Kenshingumi seek to reunite, as Roxas & Xion befriend the Organization’s newest member. Giftfic for The Layman.
(Failed attempts)

Fire & Moonlight: Chocolate, substitute for theme 31
Summary: Valentine’s Day is coming up at the Castle That Never Was.

Bound by Fire: Axel, Roxas, & Xion
Summary: In which Axel, Roxas, & Xion get their beach day. Platonic AkuRokuShi fic posted on 29 September 2012, the North American anniversary of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. ~For Taliax~

Bound by Fire: Axel and Xion – Pastoral Mission
Summary: Axel & Xion have a shared mission in a musical world. Platonic AkuShi; sequel to Fire & Moonlight: Trust Me. ~For Taliax~

BbF&ML: Day 03 – Gaming / watching a movie
Summary: Well, at least Saïx found something, even if it wasn’t what he was actually looking for.

Fire & Moonlight: Switch (theme 60) [real edition]
Summary: Axel & Saïx get to experience being each other for a day.
Illustration by Lexalice :D

“Axel, what’s death?”
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Solemn AkuRokuShi. Rated for graphic aftermath of violence. {Written as a memorial, 17 May 2012.}
Postscript {One year later.}

Fire & Moonlight: Switch (theme 60) [challenge edition]
Summary: Roxas has a dilemma.

Creative Expression: Vampire (theme 17)
Summary: She’s not going to be able to just stand by and keep watching this for much longer. ~20 June 2013, Roxas/Xion Day~

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Kingdom Hearts II

(Not so) Fun Kingdom Hearts Switches!
Summary: Xemnas comes up with an evil plan to switch people’s personalities around. So now Goofy and Demyx are engaged in an epic battle, as Sephiroth trains with his Dancers and Sora tries to summon Kingdom Hearts….

Fire & Moonlight: Black and White (theme 13)
Summary: Like anything else, time travel has its pros and cons.

Someone We Care About
Summary: After being kidnapped by Axel, Kairi has a brief conversation with him before she is taken away by Saïx.

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Takes place between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III

Dream Waltz: Video (theme 4)
Summary: Some of the KH cast are bored while the others are filming Dream Drop Distance.

Dream Waltz: Save (theme 9)
Summary: Terra and Ventus have different gaming styles. Or maybe there’s something else going on.

Ice Thaws, Illusion Scatters
Summary: Vexen is not feeling well, and the fact that Zexion’s a little too cheerful is not helping. Platonic fic for Zexion/Vexen Day 2012.

One Sky, One Destiny: Part 2 – Chain of Memories
Summary: No need for Naminé to give up all hope just yet. ~7 December 2012, Chain of Memories North American anniversary~

Versus Undistorted: Fragments of Sorrow (theme 20) [postable edition]
Summary: Sora isn’t drawing these pictures for fun.

Battle Stance: Sweet Memories (theme 34)
Summary: Naminé & Xion spend some time together as friends. ~Raffle prize for FermonsNosYeux~

Lights Against the Darkness
Summary: Riku has never been the same since his descent into darkness. He won’t take light for granted again. Platonic Sora/Riku. ~For Medli45; posted 7 December 2012, Sora/Riku Day~

Sora’s Job Quest
Summary: Sora has decided on the career path of his dreams – synthesizing items with the Moogles! Will he make it into their ranks? Or will the challenges of job hunting be enough to overpower our favorite Hero of the Keyblade?

This Kind of Love: Sora & Kairi
Summary: Sometimes it hurts to keep smiling…. ~Late fic for 17 September 2012, Sora/Kairi Day~

As Human As I Am
Summary: Sora has a mission in the depths of his heart. ~For SorasPrincesss and Sora/Xion Day, 30 January 2014~

Fire & Moonlight – Plague (theme 62)
Summary: Axel will never escape them….

A VanShi outtake I wrote before deciding to keep Van’s relationships in the CatC universe platonic. This one’s related to A Gift for the Sleeper, and is a “missing scene” from a CatC fic I haven’t finished/posted yet.

The Other Half Of My Heart
Summary: If Ven & Vanitas can stop trying to kill each other for five minutes, maybe they can finally accept the fact that they belong together. ~For 21 December 2012, Ven/Vanitas Day~

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Takes place during a theoretical Kingdom Hearts III

This Kind of Love: Weapon (theme 54) – Axel & Saix
Summary: Out of twelve opponents, he just HAD to end up with this one, didn’t he.

BbF&ML: Day 22 – In battle, side-by-side
Summary: Sora is not the only one whose strength comes from his friends.

Fire & Moonlight: Who (theme 85)
Summary: To Isa, ‘that one’ and ‘this one’ don’t even seem like the same person….

As Long As I’m Living
Summary: All children except one grow up – but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer your children. AkuSaiRokuShi. ~Inspired by Infamousplot~

Christmas Shopping in Neverland
Summary: Lea & Aqua can’t seem to keep track of their kids…. ~For Crystal-Blisters~

Luna Diviner, Across Boundaries: Speechless (theme 17)
Summary: Lea finally finds out why Saïx made no response back then. Post-canon.

Something to Contribute
Summary: Well, at least ONE person is interested. Attempted ZekuNami for Mirae-no-sekai.

Don’t Tell
Summary: Riku notices something in a BBS cutscene that he hadn’t picked up on before.

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Takes place after Kingdom Hearts III

Fire & Moonlight: Out of my Mind (theme 92)
Summary: Sometimes Lea despairs of ever truly getting his friend back. Even after Xehanort’s death, Isa remains trapped in his Dive to the Heart, unable to perceive the real world. ~DevArt kiriban for CaxceberXVI~

Fire & Moonlight: Dearest (theme 64)
Summary: Isa, recovering after finally being freed from Xehanort, would be happier to see Lea if there weren’t a certain couple of “distractions” getting in the way of their friendship. ~DevArt kiriban for CaxceberXVI~

Versus Undistorted: Miracle (prompt 12)
Summary: Just because he doesn’t want to do it doesn’t mean he can’t. For Isa/Xion Day 2013.

BbF&ML: Day 13 – Eating ice cream
Summary: Sometimes, science lessons can be useful for more than making good grades.

Lumineuse: Ocean
Summary: After the war, Riku’s replica has trouble finding a place to belong on Destiny Islands.

Vacation Notice
Summary: After Xehanort’s defeat, Lea, Isa, Roxas, & Xion start a new life together.

The Next Life
Summary: Lea has no idea how he went from being ripped apart by monsters in Radiant Garden to wandering around this quiet, sunset-lit town. All he knows is that whenever he does manage to make his way home, he’ll be bringing these two adorable little orphan kids with him. ~For 14 August 2013, the ultimate Axel/Xion/Roxas Day~
Inspiration by R-O-K-U-S-H-I
Illustration by Lexalice :3

The Next Life: Battle Stance – No Name (theme 98)
Summary: Riku’s replica and Naminé awaken as young children trapped in Castle Oblivion.

The Next Life: Battle Stance – Oathkeeper (theme 51)
Summary: It’s kind of hard to beat up a bad guy when he’s four years old and desperate for your affection. ~Ventus/Vanitas Day, 21 December 2013~

The Next Life: Battle Stance – Rejection of Fate (theme 73)
Summary: Riku and his young replica will make a good family – once they figure out how to stop driving each other crazy. *in-progress*
Part 1
Part 2

The Next Life: Ringlets
Summary: Riku has a talent he’d never really given much thought to before. Takes place during The Next Life: Battle Stance – Rejection of Fate. ~Riku/Xion Day, 14 January 2014~

The Next Life: Creative Expression – Sparkle (theme 95)
Summary: After more than a decade, it finally occurs to Riku to release his freckles. ~Dedicated to Medli45~
Medli drew beautiful art for this!! 8D <3

“The Next Life” pictures
Commissioned illustration of Riku reading Dawn a bedtime story, by Medli45. X3 <3 There's also a bonus sequel! :D
A picture I drew of Riku having to put up with his older brothers (Kadaj, Yazoo, & Loz) and little Dawn (Repliku) getting clingy. XD The traditionally-colored version is here.
Medli45 included a picture of an exhausted Riku babysitting the kids in this sketchdump. XD
Riku & Dawn watching the lights, by Medli45
Riku & Dawn relaxing on a cold day, by Medli45
Riku comforting little Dawn / Riku fiercely protecting teenage Dawn, by Medli45

After the Battle: Everything Fades (theme 28)
Summary: There were a lot of things that Xemnas didn’t understand when he was a Nobody.

His Soul Reflects My Own: Freedom – Under the Summer Sun (crossover with How to Train Your Dragon)
Summary: A shattered heart, a girl chained by memories, a nameless copy – Kazé, Naminé, and Dawn, slowly healing in their second chance at life, understand Squirt better than he knows. (Or: Squirt spends a day on Destiny Islands with the “Next Life” crew.) Sequel to His Soul Reflects My Own: Creative Expression – Under Water.

His Soul Reflects My Own: Freedom – Dragons in the Garden (crossover with How to Train Your Dragon)
Summary: Toothless & Stormfly take Squirt to Radiant Garden for a meal and some medical attention, which little Roxas & Xion help them obtain. “The Next Life” universe.

The Next Life: Lumineuse – Guilt (theme 54)
Summary: Ienzo, now human again, unexpectedly faces the master he betrayed over a decade ago. ~Contest prize for A-Sign-of-Insanity~

“The Next Life” universe: A drawing of Sora & Xion

After the Battle: 3 Wishes (theme 1)
Summary: What does a genie give his best friend as a wedding gift…?

After the Battle: Infection (theme 2)
Summary: A kiss isn’t gonna work this time, Aurora.

After the Battle: Chain (theme 3)
Summary: Prince Adam gives Belle a gift.

After the Battle: Fault (theme 5)
Summary: And while we’re at it, we can blame her for breathing, too.

After the Battle: Sing (theme 36)
Summary: There’s only one person who could make Jasmine wistfully consider polygamy.

After the Battle: No Way Out (theme 49)
Summary: Unrequited love can be difficult…. (One-sided Tinker Bell -> Peter Pan)

Existence, parts one and two
Summary: Lea didn’t realize it would take THE ENTIRE SUMMER, plus a lot of work, traveling, and research, just to get Roxas & Xion enrolled in high school.

Not the Same Without You
Summary: Even after the war and getting freed from Xehanort’s darkness, Isa still finds it difficult to come to terms with his past. Why does having a couple of small children constantly underfoot seem to make things better instead of worse…? {Fanfic version of an MMD comic (parts one, two, and three) by CaxceberXVI. For 4 August 2013, Axel/Saix/Roxas/Xion Day}

CaxceberXVI started this lovely MMD comic, inspired by my OT4 stories. X3 <3
Medli45 sketched a little comic of the “adult Lea & Isa taking care of little Roxas & Xion” setup. :3 <3

Color Theme
Summary: An unforeseen development might ruin Lumaria & Relena’s wedding plans…or not.

Emergency Contacts
Summary: Lea & Isa argue over which one of them is the “dad” and which one is the “mom” on Roxas’s & Xion’s school records. ~4 August 2013, Axel/Saix/Roxas/Xion Day~

Fire & Moonlight – Soul (theme 73)
Summary: Isa may finally be free of Xehanort, but he still has a difficult time adjusting for a while. ~Bonus kiriban for CaxceberXVI~
The story inspired this picture by hokamathexsil16

Shadowless Princesses: To Be Loved For Who I Am {VentusVanitas & Snow White}
Summary: It was not supposed to happen this way. But maybe he’s right when he says it’s okay for things to be different. Platonic VenVan / Snow White; rated for implied offscreen rape.

Dream Waltz: Reflection of True Love, themes 26 (Leave) & 94 (Mirror)
Summary: In her final moments as a single woman, Cinderella wonders if the man she’s about to marry is the man she truly loves. Post-canon.

Call Out To My Light, parts one and two
Summary: It’s difficult – it might always be difficult. But there’s always hope, too, and Ventus won’t give up as long as there’s love to sustain him.
Taliax, inspired by this story, drew pictures of Ven & Vanitas lying in flowers. X3 :heart:
And Medli45 included a picture in her sketch dump of Ven & Van as they appear on Vani’s heart pillar in this story. :3

Seen Before
Summary: Living with the opposite sex can be awkward. This isn’t the first time Isa has seen Xion in such a state…. ~Inspired by CaxceberXVI~

Miss a Day
Summary: Xion gets sick, and neither Lea nor Isa can stay home to take care of her….

Commissioned picture by Slypht, of Isa helping Xion with her homework. X3

Life Lessons – Mother (theme 13)
Summary: Roxas & Xion have to figure out what to give their parents for Mother’s Day.
BbF&ML, Day 21 – Cooking/baking
Summary: What’s the point of receiving a Mother’s Day gift if you’re not gonna use it?

Why I Ward Off Darkness
Summary: Sora really is clueless when it comes to having a girlfriend…. (Platonic Sora/Riku; Riku/Naminé; Sora/Kairi. In that order. *sweatdrop*) Written before I decided that both Riku & Namine should be aces in my headcanon. ~Attempted fic for 17 September 2013, Sora/Kairi Day~

Lumineuse: Kiss (theme 83)
Summary: Naminé thinks they should break up, but not for any of the usual reasons. Luckily, her boyfriend has the same ‘problem’ she does, which means there’s actually no problem at all.

A drawing of Riku & Namine.

Life Lessons: Braiding, substitute for theme 73 (DevArt version)
Summary: About a year after Xehanort’s ultimate defeat, Riku’s friends throw him a birthday party. ~Birthday gift for Medli45~

Battle Stance: Sweetstack (theme 44)
Summary: Post-canon, the BBS trio and Kazé (Vanitas) celebrate Valentine’s Day.

That Kind of Love
Summary: This is supposed to be Lea’s job, but Isa’s usually the one who’s more available.

What Keeps Me Going
Summary: Isa, Roxas, & Xion are a bit too familiar with the patterns of Lea’s love life.

BbF&ML – Day 23 – Arguing
Summary: Lea, Isa, Roxas, & Xion don’t see eye to eye on their plans for the future.
BbF&ML – Day 24 – Making up afterwards
Summary: And Sora saves the day again.
(This was the original version I’d tried to write for 30 January 2013 (Sora/Xion Day), which had some SoXi ship-tease, but it failed. This story is only different from the real version by about 25 words.)

Fire & Moonlight: Speechless (theme 97)
Summary: Isa finally graduates from college, and his family has a gift for him~! :D

Summary: Riku & Naminé’s wedding night would probably have been much more enjoyable if they’d realized beforehand that they’re both asexual. *warning for sexual content; doesn’t necessarily fit with the same headcanon as my other fanfiction*

Bound by Moonlight, Isa and Xion – Down the Aisle
Summary: Xion asks her ‘dad’ to give her away at her wedding.

Everyone Starts Somewhere
Summary: Practice makes perfect. RikuNami, post-canon. ~20,000 FFN profile hits kiriban drabble for Taliax~

Riku succumbing to Geostigma in the “Next Life” universe, by Medli45

The Next Life: Versus Undistorted – Deep Anxiety (theme 94)
Summary: Dawn’s hard work pays off when he’s accepted into the most elite academy in Radiant Garden. So why is he freaking out so much when Riku asks him how his first day of high school went…? ~For sonicdisney (A-Sign-of-Insanity), Christmas 2014~

Picture of Riku and Dawn in the “Next Life” universe.
Commissioned picture of Riku affectionately listening to teenage Dawn rant, by Medli45

The Next Life: Creative Expression – Wings (theme 44)
Summary: Riku agrees to star in a recruitment ad for the Shinra Company. ~Inspired by this picture by Medli45~

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