INDEX: My alternate universe Kingdom Hearts fanfiction [updated 5 July 2018]

For religious reasons, none of my work will contain slash romance.
I do not ship pedo pairings.
I crosspost as much as possible, though certain stories are hidden, censored, or not allowed on some sites.

(Table of contents)
Stories told in installments | Stepsiblings stories | Related one-shots | Misc. one-shots

On AO3, most or all of these fics are collected here (story collection) and here (series).

Stories told in installments

The Thirteenth Changeling
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Roxas has been disturbed by vivid dreams, & now twelve beautiful but creepy people are showing up at his school. Axel & the others are not taking no for an answer. Roxas is not human, & he’s needed back in Faerie – but for what purpose? AU
The First Day
The Second Day
The Third Day
The Fourth Day
The Fifth Day
The Sixth Day

Little Wind
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Aqua & Terra, working as partners on a school project, find a strange child who may or may not be an alien. In any case, little Ventus grows REALLY fast, and now it seems like he’s become the target of otherworldly attackers….
Chapter 1 – It Hatches
Chapter 2 – High School
Chapter 3 – Don’t Let Go
Chapter 4 – Thirteen Gates

He’s All I Want
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Roxas has always been her best friend, but he’s not the one she’s in love with. ~For Taliax~
Part 1 – “I’m not the little girl that I used to be.”
Part 2 – “This is not just a fantasy.”
Part 3 – “I’m in love with you.”
Extra scene
Fire & Moonlight: Fantasy (theme 46)

Welcome To Our World (parts one, two, and three)
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Modern AU. A special education classroom in an elementary school. WARNING for sensitive subject matter (and brief language). ~2 April 2013, World Autism Awareness Day~

Treasure of my Heart – Closet (theme 10)
Summary: Sora would appreciate his big brother’s comfort more than vengeance.

Creative Expression – Holiday (theme 33)
Summary: Van & Sora visit friends on their day off.

Treasure of my Heart – Arm (theme 57)
Summary: Van & Sora’s polar opposite personalities can be a bit jarring.

Gentle (crossover with How to Train Your Dragon)
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Modern AU where Hiccup & Toothless are eight-year-old special education students. ~April 2015, Autism Awareness Month~

Treasure of my Heart – Notebook (theme 12)
Summary: Van & Sora visit the library.

Blood and Faction
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: “Faction before blood.” They know how it works. Transferring out of Abnegation gives each of them a new life, and a new ultimate loyalty. …At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. KH characters in the Divergent universe, focusing on AkuSaiRokuShi. *in-progress*
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

An Extraordinary Household
Posted here on AO3.
Written for TheSixthApprentice‘s Mix and Match Challenge

Challenge summary: 11. (character) is a baby sitter and decides to snoop around (his/her) employer’s home. What (character) finds is pretty shocking.
Challenge character set: I. Vanitas, Xion, Zack, Aqua

Story summary: Seventeen-year-old Aqua does not appreciate her friend Zack barging in while she’s baby-sitting five-year-old Xion, but it turns out to be a good thing he showed up after all. It’s easier to save the world when you’ve got a little help. Modern fantasy AU.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

The Light In Their Eyes
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Terra & Aqua adopted a baby named Ven, having no idea that he had a brother. Axel, whose life with his daughter Xion and his best friend Saix was already lively, ended up with little Roxas in his care. Years passed, and one day, the twins were finally reunited. One-shot series.

The original one-shot
Summary: Axel finally realizes that he brought the wrong kid home from school.

Valentine’s Day
Summary: Roxas and his siblings celebrate Valentine’s Day with their families. ~For Valentine’s Day 2013~

Back in the Country
Summary: Xion has a new cousin, which means that Roxas & Ven do, too.

Open House
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: A modern AU where Axel & Saix are the single parents of kindergarteners Roxas & Xion, respectively.

Fire & Moonlight – Button (theme 37)
Summary: Roxas is not the only one to make a new friend at school.

A Gift For My Mom
Summary: Roxas made a gift, now he just needs someone to give it to. ~For 12 May 2013, Mother’s Day~

Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Humans and Diviners have long been antagonistic toward each other, but perhaps Axel & Saix, going from enemies to unwilling partners to friends, can start mending the rift.
{I eventually want to write an AkuSaiRokuShi sequel to expand this series.}

Fire & Moonlight – Gleam (theme 17)
Summary: Axel’s worked for years to find this treasure trove. Perhaps what he ultimately ends up walking away with is even better…or perhaps not. Either way, his life is going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

Fire & Moonlight – Monster (theme 93)
Summary: Axel gets tired of their uneasy truce. ~For Axel/Saix Day 2013~

My Heart’s Freedom
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Faerie AU; just drabbles so far, since I haven’t finished either of the main stories yet. Axel has always fiercely longed for freedom, but obtaining it is a long and difficult road. It was unexpected enough for him to form such a close bond with a fellow slave, and things are complicated even further when he falls in love with his captor’s daughter.

Fire & Moonlight – Anything (theme 55)
Summary: Axel & Saix are bound for life. Neither of them minds.

Fire & Moonlight – Her (theme 29)
Summary: Friendship before duty.

Moon Dancer’s Gift (crossover with How to Train Your Dragon)
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: Roxas & Xion decide that they need dragons of their own. Flame Dancer is all for it; the only problem is that his other half loathes humans. *in-progress* ~For AkuSaiRokuShi Day 2014.~
Chapter 1 (parts one and two)

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Posted here on AO3.
A modern AU focused on AkuSaiRokuShi.

Book cover for the series

Axel’s perspective
Saix’s perspective
Roxas’s perspective
Xion’s perspective
Anyone else’s perspective and/or third person narration

~Listed as close as I can get to the order in which they probably should be read, which is usually chronological order.
~The ones marked “AU” are stories that don’t quite fit with the main timeline, “What if?” scenarios, etc.


Fire & Moonlight – The Chapter of Fail {Saix & Axel, third person narration}
Summary: Raberba girl fails the challenge and has a meltdown.

The original one-shot {Saix}
Summary: Saïx & Xion’s father is engaged to Axel & Roxas’s mom. Saïx is not looking forward to gaining brothers, but he’s just gonna have to get used to it.
Another Side
This version is from Axel’s perspective.
Windows to the Soul
This version is from Roxas’s perspective.

Siblings All the Way {Saix}
Summary: The bonds between us are thicker than blood.

Memories, parts one, two, three, and four
This version is from Xion’s perspective.

Treasure of my Heart – Shoes (theme 83) {Xem}
Summary: Young Xigbar teaches his little brother how to tie his shoes. ~Xigbar/Xemnas Day, 1 February 2014~

Flurry of Dancing Flames, 100 Moments – Fresh Breeze {Axel}
Summary: Young as Axel is, he’s already well-acquainted with emotional pain. Ventus has his work cut out for him.

This picture was a gift from JBags973 X3

Saix’s siblings being adorably obnoxious as he tries to get them ready for school. XD Drawn by my friend Taliax! :3

A picture of them walking home from school~

Group pic for AkuSaiRokuShi Day 2013. ^^

A picture of the siblings, sketched by my friend Raxemi (Mirae-no-sekai). :)

Commissioned Xem/Kay picture (and the colored version) by Escria~! (:

Scars {Saix & Axel, third person narration}
Summary: Saïx and Axel didn’t exactly have ideal mothers.

That Time of Year {Saix & Axel}
Summary: Most kids love Christmas. There are some exceptions.

Bound by Fire – Axel and Roxas {Axel}
Summary: Teenage Axel takes little Roxas to hang out at the mall. ~For Taliax~
Winner {Axel}
Summary: Axel will always be a winner in his little brother’s eyes. ~For Axel/Roxas Day 2012~

Ferris Wheel {Part 1 is Saix & Kay third person narration, Part 2 is narrated by Saix}
Summary: “You ride the Ferris wheel at night. The very last one. You sit there when they stop the wheel and look at the stars and the moon, and you tell Mommy you love her. Then you come down again and go home.”

Lights in Shadow – Fifty Moments (part 1) {Roxas & Xion, third person narration}
First drabble collection of Wishing-Fire’s 50 theme challenge that I’ve taken on for Roxas & Xion. ~20 June 2013, Roxas/Xion Day~

Lunch Date {Xem}
Summary: Xem WILL have lunch with her, or else.

Guestbook {Saix}
Summary: Pens like these are hard to write with.

An adorable Christmas gift from Medli45~ :3 <3

Earning Chocolate {Van}
Summary: For Van, getting a Valentine from Xion is hard work. ~14 June 2013, Vanitas/Xion Day~
Commissioned picture of Van & Xion by akiraxdeary~
And here’s a really ugly and slightly creepy picture by me. *sweatdrop*

BbF&ML – Day 05 – Kissing {Axel, Roxas, Xion, & Saix, third person narration}
Summary: Little kids and PDA don’t mix well….

Gentle Insistence {Xem}
Summary: Puppy Eyes do work on Xem, actually. At least if it’s a particular person shooting them at him.

Fire & Moonlight – Eat [challenge edition] (theme 45) {Axel}
Summary: It’s tough trying to be a dignified teenage boy when your little sister loves ponies and neither of your stepbrothers has a problem with that.

BbF&ML – Day 04 – On a date {Axel}
Summary: It seems there is not enough Axel to go around. [This one needs to be significantly revised. ^^;]

Beyond His Reach (AU) {Van}
Summary: There were sacrifices made so that Van could choose a different future.
If We Could Meet Again – Van & Ven (AU) {Van}
Summary: Van & Ven still have some things to say to each other.
Commissioned illustration by FermonsNosYeux~! <3

Fire & Moonlight – The Storm (theme 53) {Xion, Saix, Axel, & Roxas}
Summary: Saix isn’t the only one with a phobia.

Birthday Present {Saix (& Axel?}
Summary: Saix is having a difficult time shopping for his stepbrother’s birthday present. The children are NOT HELPING. ~For Saix/Axel Day 2013~ *temporarily incomplete*

The Scent of Vanilla {Axel}
Summary: There’s more than one reason why Saïx doesn’t like Halloween.
Marked Flesh {Axel & Saix}
Summary: Van & Saïx were rather young to be taking a trip to the tattoo parlor….
Wind’s Legacy, parts one and two {Axel}
Summary: Xem does mind a little, but he’s not the one they have to persuade. ~4 August 2012, Axel/Saix/Roxas/Xion Day~
Bound by Moonlight – Saïx and Roxas (AU) {Saix}
Summary: Saïx is forced to play nursemaid. ~For Saix/Roxas Day 2012~

Bound by Fire – Axel, Saix, Roxas, & Xion, parts one and two {Roxas, Axel, Saix, & Xion}
Summary: Seven-year-old Xion and six-year-old Roxas decide to pick up their teenage big brothers from school. ~For Taliax~

Hoof Prints {Axel}
Summary: For Saïx, it is FAR from the “most wonderful time” of the year.

Father & Daughter {Xem}
Summary: Maybe it’s not such a disastrous birthday gift after all. ~14 January 2013, Xemnas/Xion Day~

Summary: The Saïx from the “Stepsiblings” universe wakes up in the Castle That Never Was. Platonic AkuSai (plus some Roxas & Xion) fic as my 87th story on FFN. *in-progress*
Part 1 {Saix}
Part 2 {Saix, Xion, & Axel}
Part 3 {Saix’s & Ansem’s perspectives}
Part 4 {Axel & Saix}
Part 5 {Axel}
Part 5 (alternate version / outtake) {Axel}
Commissioned picture of Stepsibs-Saix & canon-Saix by Slypht~! XD

Rejection [AU version] {Saix}
Summary: It’s kind of too late, Axel….

Commissioned picture of Saix & Jasmine by chroma-kun. :)

Commissioned picture of Saix & Jasmine in college by cleris4ever~

BbF&ML – Day 02 – Cuddling somewhere {Saix}
Summary: This Christmas Eve is not going to be spent in the closet.

Studied Sketches {Namine & Zexion, third person narration}
Summary: They meet in a library; she doesn’t pester him, he doesn’t drive her away. But it’ll become more than that. [Originally a standalone, later integrated into the Stepsiblings universe.] ~Dedicated to Mirae-no-sekai~
Daughters of the Heart (AU) {Xem}
Summary: Xion makes a new friend at the park. ~Kiriban for Kasan Soulblade~
The Princesses Meet the Swordsmen and Rescue an Interesting Book (AU) {Xion & Namine, third person narration}
Summary: While Zexion is busy creeping out Xem, their daughters are bonding on the playground.

Different Wings, Same Flight {Jasmine}
Summary: Saïx’s summer houseguest has no problem sharing him with his siblings.

Eyes Like A Tiger’s – The One Valentine’s Day (AU) {Saix}
Summary: Saïx really has absolutely no clue about this kind of thing. Luckily for him, his girlfriend is super nice and understanding.

Fourth of July (AU), parts one and two {Saix}
Summary: Saïx’s siblings and girlfriend are out of town, as are all his other friends. That only leaves one person to celebrate Independence Day with. Platonic fic for Independence Day and Saïx/Vexen Day 2012.

Father & Son {Xem}
Summary: Xem learns that divorce doesn’t change the number of his children after all. ~For Xemnas/Roxas Day 2013~

Useful Ability {Saix}
Summary: A doomgaze is a handy thing to have for this job.
Commissioned illustration by Escria~! X3
Luna Diviner, 100 Moments – Smile (theme 94) {Saix}
Summary: Saïx’s father gets a glimpse of how Saïx makes a living.

Light-Kissed Waves – Eleven Moments, Curiosity (theme 1) (AU) {Roxas}
Summary: Roxas makes a friend on his first day of high school.

A picture of teenage Xion happy to see Saix again after a long absence.

This Kind of Love: Xion & Namine (AU) {Xion & Namine}
Summary: They may be in high school now, but their childhood friendship hasn’t changed a bit. [I need to change this so that it takes place the first day after winter vacation.]

Her Eighteenth (AU) {Axel}
Summary: Axel & Xion head out to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.
Fire & Moonlight – Much Better (theme 88) (AU) {Xion}
Summary: Food is not the only thing he needs in order to thrive.

Thirteen Years Later (AU) {Saix}
Summary: Saïx manages to make it to his little brother’s high school graduation.

His Eighteenth (AU) {Saix}
Summary: Roxas & Saïx’s turn.

Savage Nymph (AU) {Larxene}
Summary: Someday, Larxene’s life is no longer going to be defined by what happened to Relena. For 12/12/12.

BbF&ML – Day 26 – Getting married {Xion, Axel, Saix, & Roxas, third person narration}
Summary: Unfortunately, Xion’s cousin will not go down without a fight….

Lights in Shadow, Fifty Moments – Abuse (theme 20) {Axel, Saix, Roxas, & Xion, third person narration}
Summary: Roxas & Xion discover one of the darker aspects of their older brothers’ pasts.
Battle Stance – Soul Eater (theme 20) {Axel}
Summary: Unforgiveness eats away at the soul.

Commissioned picture by Escria~! Xion’s out and about with her cousin Van and her daughter. ^^ (This is the uncolored sketch~)

Creative Expression – Fear (theme 40) {Saix}
Summary: Saïx tries to get his nephew to see reason.

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Related one-shots

With Olette
Three different stories, each featuring Olette in a pairing with one her best friends.

Hayner’s Turn – Beach Day
Posted here on AO3.

Roxas’s Turn

Pence’s Turn

Bound by Fire and Bound by Moonlight

Bound by Fire
~For Taliax~

Bound by Fire: Axel and Saïx (canon)
Bound by Fire: Axel and Roxas
Bound by Fire: Roxas and Xion
Summary: They made a promise to each other, and both of them are determined to keep it. Canonish AU; platonic RokuShi.
Bound by Fire: Axel, Roxas, & Xion (canon)
Bound by Fire: Axel and Xion – Pastoral Mission (canon)
Bound by Fire: Axel, Saïx, Roxas, & Xion (parts one and two)
Bound by Fire omake: Saix and Jasmine
Summary: Axel’s little brother gets engaged. Modern AU; platonic SaiJaz.

Bound by Moonlight

Bound by Moonlight: Saïx and Roxas
Bound by Moonlight: Isa and Xion – Down the Aisle (canon)
Bound by Moonlight: Saïx, Roxas, & Xion
Bound by Moonlight: Saïx, Axel, & Roxas
Bound by Moonlight: Saïx, Axel, & Xion


Summary: “Oh yeah, I can do that now.” ~For 20 June 2012, Roxas/Xion Day~

Fire & Moonlight: Fell From The Sky (theme 1)
Summary: Wherever these mysterious gifts are coming from, they certainly did not fall from the sky. AkuSai; school AU. Sequel to Wistful.


Fire & Moonlight: Don’t Worry (theme 57) (a.k.a. How to Get an Uncooperative Orphan Into a Dead Troll’s Castle to Live Happily Ever After With a Princess, Her True Love, and Six Kittens)
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Saïx never wanted a cat, much less an obnoxious talking one. Axel could have done just fine wandering the streets on his own, but then he’d be kittenless, see? Platonic AkuSai AU “Puss in Boots” retelling for Axel/Saïx Day 2012.

Illustration by nasexsavkifs (warning for suggestive partial nudity).

Follow-up: I’ll Skip The Carpet Ride This Time
Summary: Axel the cat is lonelier than he should be, but not for long. Platonic AkuShi AU fluff. ~For Taliax~

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Misc. one-shot fanfiction

Battle Stance: Rumbling Rose (theme 94)
Summary: Having a friend as scary as Van can sometimes be convenient. Random modern AU; platonic Xion/Vanitas for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Dream Waltz: Beginnings (theme 1)
Summary: Story time at the library. Modern AU.

Dream Waltz: Fun (theme 3)
Summary: Terra & Cindy attend a costume ball together. Modern AU.

Dream Waltz: Blood (theme 5)
Summary: Sometimes your lab partner can be more dangerous than the equipment. School AU.

Dream Waltz: Phone (theme 6)
Summary: Cinderella is kind to all, whether they be time-travelers from centuries in the future or stranded intergalactic colonists. Semi-canon/sci-fi AU.

Dream Waltz: Change (theme 11)
Summary: Cindy really wants to see this handsome customer again…. Modern AU.

Dream Waltz: Junk (theme 64), parts one and two
Summary: Terra helps Cinderella get her Spring Cleaning done. AU
This was my fanfic entry for the Spring Cleaning contest by MidnightDreamers

Everyone Who’s Human
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: Xion reminds Saïx that even in miserable circumstances, there’s always something to be thankful for. Sci-fi AU for 22 November 2012, American Thanksgiving Day.

Fire & Moonlight: Masquerade (theme 4)
Summary: Axel is not happy about Saïx’s role in the school play. Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Family (theme 8)
Summary: The four of them, together. Anything else is unacceptable. AkuSaiRokuShi sci-fi AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Invasion (theme 9)
Summary: Saïx does not trust Axel’s judgment on who should be allowed into the castle. Disney AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Enemies (theme 12)
Summary: Fortunately for Saïx, young Roxas & Xion have no idea that he is one of their natural enemies. Fantasy AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Chance Meeting (theme 14)
Summary: Bonding over literature. Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Dark (theme 19)
Summary: Is it really so hard to keep the floor clear? Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Stop (theme 28)
Summary: They hand out driving permits way too early. Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: A Chance (theme 30)
Summary: A different approach is required to win over Mr. Tsukino…. School AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Hold your Hand (theme 32)
Summary: …and that was how Saïx ended up helping an injured fairy retrieve a sparkly crown from the neighbor’s dog. Modern fantasy AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Bowl of Grapes (theme 36)
Summary: Maybe they should have picked a different elective. High school AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Psychotic (theme 44)
Summary: This is why Saïx did not have a big sister in canon. XD Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Take it All (theme 51)
Summary: Saïx begins to wonder if he’s on the wrong side in this war. Super-vague period AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Daughters (theme 71)
Summary: Two sets of friends for life. Modern AU.

Fire & Moonlight: Find your Love (theme 76)
Summary: Because True Love conquers all! 8D Sci-fi AU.

Fire & Moonlight, themes 82-84: Yours; Mine; Ours
Summary: Saïx & Axel fight to survive a deadly Game. (AU that takes place in the universe of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.)

Fire & Moonlight: Galaxies (theme 98) [crossover with Voltron: Legendary Defender]
Posted here on AO3.
Summary: The Blue paladin is still the Blue paladin, no matter what he looks like. ~For Axel/Saïx Day, 7 August 2016~

Good Talk
Posted here on AO3.
~For Kiryn~

Lumineuse: Escape (theme 23)
Summary: Saïx has to decide whether to stick to the plan and let the little prince and princess die, or tell Axel the truth and risk betraying his co-conspirators. Period AU. ~For AkuSaiRokuShi Day, 4 August 2016~

Something Much Better
Summary: Axel might have totally failed at his original mission, but the eventual result is far more rewarding. Random modern AU. ~For JBags973~

Teddy Bear
Summary: Roxas has to figure out how to sew a teddy bear. AU; light romance for 20 June 2012, RokuShi Day.

This Kind of Love: Roxas & Namine
Posted here on AO3, possibly with any sequels.
Summary: It’s not true “escape” unless the three of them are together. Period AU. ~For 28 March 2013, Roxas/Namine Day~

This Kind of Love: Ven & Namine
Summary: Naminé can’t forget her first friend, and now, her loyalty to him could be a matter of life or death. Vaguely modernish fantasy AU. ~25 September 2013, Ven/Namine Day~

Treasure of my Heart: I love you (theme 16)
Summary: Van has something to give his sister Xion. Random modern AU.

Undistorted: The Promised Beginning (theme 1)
Summary: Candy doesn’t always have to have a point. Random fantasy AU.

Undistorted: Dearly Beloved (theme 2)
Summary: Zexion and Xigbar are on a mission involving pirates. Random semi-meta AU.

Undistorted: Hand in Hand (theme 3)
Summary: Because when everyone else is freaking out, I’d rather hang out with the calm-faced nerd, thanks. Elementary school AU.

Undistorted: Floating in Bliss (theme 5)
Summary: Demyx & Zexion are at a waterpark. Modern AU.

Undistorted: Tears of the Light (theme 6)
Summary: There is an old prophecy about the treasure in the cave. Demyx knows it. Zexion should have listened. Period fantasy AU.

Undistorted: Another Side (theme 7)
Summary: Timepieces are nice things to have. School AU.

Undistorted: The Secret Whispers (theme 8) [censored version]
Summary: Zexion is eating alone in the school cafeteria. Demyx isn’t about to sit back and do nothing about that. High school AU.

Undistorted: The Force in You (theme 9)
Summary: It’s up to you to save the world, Demyx! Random AU. ~9 June 2012, Zexion/Demyx Day~

Valentine’s Date
Summary: Roxas & Xion can’t be with their Significant Others on February 14th…but who’s to say they can’t have a Valentine’s date anyway? Modern AU; platonic RokuShi for Valentine’s Day 2013.

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