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The Good News:

God the Father is the all-powerful, all-knowing maker of the universe, whose very essence is love. He created each and every person with a plan and purpose in mind, and his desire is for each and every person to choose of their own will to return his love, to follow and serve him.

Unfortunately, human beings chose sin over God, condemning the entire human race to death and torment, to be separated from God forever.

The good news is that God loves us so much that he came to earth in human form, as Jesus Christ, in order to live a sinless life and become a worthy sacrifice to take our punishment upon himself. Because of this precious gift, all who choose to accept it are reconciled to God, cleansed of their sin, and live in holy, joyful fellowship with him forever.

You must, however, choose to accept this gift, because it will not be forced upon you. It involves admitting and repenting of your sin, and trusting your life and heart to God.
This is the first step in a lifelong relationship with the Lord, a relationship in which you can grow only by being diligent every day to humble yourself, pray, and seek guidance through his infallible Word, the Bible. God will lead you – he expects to receive from each person only what he knows they can give.

Though Christians should have fellowship with other Christians, never forget that no human being and no church is perfect. If you base your faith on people rather than on Scripture, you will inevitably be disappointed and discouraged. Jesus Christ is the only person without sin, therefore he is the ultimate example of a Christian. People will always fail you at one time or another, but God will never fail you, and he will never abandon you or stop loving you.

“Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) All the bad things that have happened to you in the past, and all the bad things that might be happening to you right now, are hindrances meant to keep you from God. If you don’t overcome them, they will destroy you. Don’t let unforgiveness, unrepentance, stubbornness, pride, or fear deprive you of what God meant for you to have. No matter what your circumstances, praise the Lord! Praise is a powerful weapon against the darkness that seeks to destroy you.

You have the rest of your life to repent and give your heart to God – but none of us knows if we will even still be alive in the next hour. Your choice must be made while you live on earth; after that, it is too late. Do not delay!


My preferred sites:
Archive of Our Own (AO3)

LiveJournal is another way to get in touch with me.

My other accounts (NOT RECOMMENDED, some more than others): (Fine for emergency contact, but please avoid FFN if you can help it; I hate this site so much.)
Tumblr [“primary” blog and art blog] (I loathe this site, too; not even good for emergency contact, but if you gotta, you gotta.) [stories and profile]
Twitter (This might work for emergency contact, but I’m not sure. Go with a better site if you can.)
YouTube (I did not cooperate with Google when they took over, so this account is now 99% useless.)
Quizilla (I doubt this will even work as an emergency contact site.)

What I have so far of a transcription of the script of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (sorry about all the ads!) [Currently posted: Days 1-149]

*Current main fandom: DC comics (primarily Batman) and related media

Previous fandoms that still have an impression on me:

The Rurouni Kenshin manga by Watsuki Nobuhiro
Kenshin is probably still my favorite character ever. I ship him with Tomoe, and I love when Enishi and Kenji are platonically part of their group.

The How to Train Your Dragon franchise by DreamWorks Animation
Platonic Hiccup/Toothless is still my OTP, and the movie soundtracks are my favorite music ever.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise, particularly Kingdom Hearts II
I went crazy with platonic and romantic shipping in this fandom in a way I never have before or since. Platonic Axel/Saïx was my first OTP, and I adored it when Roxas & Xion were platonically part of their group; I also crack-shipped asexual Saïx with Princess Jasmine.
Other lingering favorites are platonic Ven/Vanitas, Terra/Cinderella, and Riku/Naminé as a mutually ace couple.
Demyx is my favorite member of Organization XIII.

The Final Fantasy VII franchise
I love Zack.

The Alice in the Country of _______ manga were gross in some ways, but I loved Julius Monrey so much, and his platonic relationship with Ace (with or without Alice Liddell).

There are many things I loved about Fruits Basket. Sohma Ayame was amazing.

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I found something like this on BeautifulShadowsKeybearer1317’s profile and thought it would be fun to fill out my own. Organization XIII’s opinions on Raberba girl!

I. Xemnas: “Who?”

II. Xigbar: “R.g., you let us make the Christmas Movie From Hell. ‘Nuff said. XD *affectionate hair ruffle*”

III. Xaldin: “You have three seconds to get out of range before I send a lance through your gut.”


V. Lexaeus: “….”

VI. Zexion: “…Much as I hate to admit it, I kind of appreciate you. Though the next time you force me to read manga, I will destroy your computer.”

VII. Saïx: “Hmph. *ignores me snuggling him*”

VIII. Axel: “I’M AN ASSASSIN, [censored], NOT A NANNY! *rages*”

IX. Demyx: “R.giiiiiiirl, I thought you loved meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! *SOB* *lets me bribe myself back into his good graces with a truckload of ice cream*”

X. Luxord: “Young woman, will you kindly get off your lazy backside and give me more screen time? *polite huff*”

XI. Marluxia: “*gives me a creepy, calculating look*”


XIII. Roxas: “Why do you always write me all clueless like I was in Days? Write KH2-me or Coded-me, where I’m cooler. *pout*”

XIV. Xion: “Ummm…you do realize that manga-me is totally different from game-me, don’t you…? *sweatdrop*”

An explanation of Yukishiro/Himura Tomoe’s character

Over the years, I’ve encountered grossly unfair and biased opinions of Tomoe, and a lot of blatant misunderstandings. So I’m going to start from the beginning and explain Yukishiro Tomoe as I see her, because she’s one of my favorite females in literature and it’s exasperating to see all the unwarranted hate that gets dumped on her.

The first we know of Tomoe, she has lost her mother and is having to raise her younger brother as if he’s her son. That is already a lot of trauma and pressure on a little girl, experiencing that deep loss and having to shoulder such a big responsibility at a young age.

Tomoe & Enishi would have been very close growing up. Despite Enishi’s emotional immaturity that persists even into his adult life, he obviously adores his big sister, and she cares about him.

Tomoe has trouble expressing emotion. She clearly has both feelings and a sense of humor, but people often don’t notice, or they misinterpret because they jump to conclusions and don’t pay attention. When Tomoe is flustered or happy, her expression might not change, but she blushes a little. She teases Kenshin in a deadpan voice and has monotone sarcastic remarks for others. Her fiancé Akira made her happy, but since she is not a naturally expressive person, it didn’t occur to her until it was too late that she would need to more definitively express her affection in order to reassure him of her happiness. (I can personally relate to this.) Because she did love Akira, she grieved to hear of his death, and also felt guilt at what she perceived was her role in his death. (It was NOT her fault that he died: Akira made his own choices, and no one can predict the future. However, people experience guilt during the grieving process, whether the loss was truly their fault or not.)

Tomoe, in her grief and guilt, decided to mend things the best way she knew how. For a girl of gentle breeding, I say it was quite impressive that she headed straight into a war zone with the intention of taking on a deadly assassin. It’s brave enough for someone with fighting skills; but for someone who’s not a fighter, it’s even more incredible. The wisdom of such a decision is debatable, but no one can say that Tomoe is a coward. As for her brother, she left him home where she hoped he would be safe.

So Tomoe goes to Kyōto and starts hunting down Battousai. She finds him, and what do you know – instead of an evil ugly cold-hearted killer, she finds not just a handsome young man, but someone who’s probably the most kind and selfless person alive. No wonder she fell in love with Kenshin; any girl would. She tries to stick to her plan, but Kenshin is too wonderful for her to be able to keep to her resolve. He has good intentions, he hates having to kill, he has his own doubts and insecurities and frustrations and unhappiness. The two of them are drawn to each other. They help each other and make each other better people. She starts awakening his dead heart and frozen conscience, showing him that he’s allowed himself to stray from the path he’d initially set upon; he shows her that not all that is good died with Akira, that there’s still light even in the deepest darkness, that her real enemies are elsewhere.

Their banter is hilarious and adorable, and they eventually fall in love. Tomoe probably never expresses her feelings (even though she has them) because it never occurs to her to, but Kenshin is more mature than Akira and more comfortable with her quietness. Kenshin’s love for her makes her happy again. They complement each other.

Then they get married and go hide out together in the countryside. There, among the peaceful landscape and simple families and innocent children, Kenshin flourishes, his smile and gentle heart return, he becomes more like his true self, so of course he’s more irresistable than ever. Tomoe, too, now has a chance to clear her head; she may not be blossoming the way Kenshin is, but she’s doing her best, and this portion of her life is probably the most happy she’s ever been since before her mother died. Someone loves her, the war and darkness are farther away, she’s learning new things all the time. There’s still baggage from the past and loose ends hanging over her head, but she’s taken the first steps on a road to recovery.

Then Enishi, impatient for her return, shows up and, oblivious as always, inserts himself in the worst place possible. Instead of being able to gracefully disentangle herself from the employers who are now her enemies, Tomoe is now faced with a harder choice if she wants to be free.
She has learned, from her experiences with her mother and with Akira, that people she loves tend to die, and she probably thinks it’s her fault. Hence why she wants to keep her husband and brother, the people she loves most in the world, as far away from her enemies as possible. As she has been taught by her difficult life of loss and self-relience, she feels that she needs to fix her own problems and keep her loved ones far away so they’ll be safe; she’s never had any experience to counteract those ‘lessons’ and teach her that she can trust others for help.

So Tomoe, hoping that this will put an end to everything, makes one last visit to her employers. They double-cross her and do exactly the opposite of what she had hoped to accomplish by coming to them. (Not to mention the fact that Enishi disobeyed her and is therefore still in danger.)

When Tomoe wakes up in that cabin in the woods, she is still armed with a knife, and she hears the sound of fighting outside. She resolves to do all in her power to save her loved ones, and she goes to the door and sees a vision of Akira for a minute. In that moment, she decides that she will refuse to lose her new love the way she lost her old one; rather than holding back the way she inadvertently had with Akira, she will do whatever she needs to do to save Kenshin.

Tomoe is not a warrior. Her only weapon is a little knife. Her opponent is a soldier with a sword; her husband has been severely handicapped and weakened by the fighting.
Kenshin knew that either he could lose the fight and Tomoe would probably also be killed, or he could let himself die while winning the fight and allow Tomoe to live.

I don’t know if Tomoe intended to attack the soldier and save both herself and her husband; if she meant to distract the soldier so that her husband could finish him off; or if she recognized the fact that either she or her husband had to die, and chose to sacrifice herself so that her lover could live. It doesn’t matter.
The fact is that Kenshin was planning to sacrifice himself in order to save Tomoe; he was at his limit and would not have been able to save her and defeat his enemy otherwise. If Tomoe had not intervened, Kenshin would certainly have died, and the only variable would have been whether she or the soldier died with him.
(And let’s not go down the “We’ll be together in the afterlife! :D” road – partly because it involves religion, which I do not want to get into; and partly because one of the major themes of the Rurouni Kenshin manga is that life is precious and more valuable than death. So the survivor’s suicide would not be a thematically sound solution in this context.)

Regardless of her intentions, Tomoe did intervene, thus allowing her husband to live. Kaoru later criticized Tomoe for ‘abandoning’ Kenshin and leaving him alone in his grief, but the truth is that KAORU ENDED UP DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. When you see someone you love in danger, you don’t think, you just do whatever needs to be done to save them. Kenshin would have done it for either of his wives, and both of his wives did it for him. Thanks to Enishi, Kaoru got to bake her cake and eat it, too, but Tomoe was not so lucky. Again, because of the circumstances, either Kenshin or Tomoe had to die on that sad day, and either way, it is tragic for both of them. Neither choice was a good one; neither of them did anything wrong; fate simply did not allow them the option of having a happy ending.

And the story doesn’t end there. TOMOE SMILES, GUYS. She has an adorable, sweet smile. Now that she’s no longer burdened with the emotional baggage she had in life, she’s much better at expressing her feelings, and it’s clear that she still loves Kenshin. Therefore, she is supportive of her husband’s happiness, including his relationship with another woman. Now that Tomoe is beyond her husband’s reach, she is glad when he’s finally able to let go of his guilt-laden past and find someone who can give him the love and comfort that she, being dead, no longer can. She is not a vindictive witch who would deny happiness to her lover just because she can no longer have him herself; writing her that way is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OOC.

Not only is Tomoe supportive of Kenshin’s relationship with Kaoru, but Kaoru is respectful of Tomoe. These two women like each other and recognize each other’s strengths.

In canon, Tomoe’s & Kaoru’s interests never clash because Tomoe dies long before Kenshin even meets Kaoru. However, even in alternate universes where both women are alive and know each other, there’s nothing to stop them from being friends or sisters.
Even in a love triangle where both women are alive and in love with Kenshin, it would be OOC to write Tomoe and/or Kaoru as hating each other. There’d probably be drama and hurt and tears because apparently a lot of readers love that crap and can’t get enough of it; but in any case, Tomoe & Kaoru, if they’re IC, wouldn’t hate each other as individuals or be deliberately cruel to each other.

So. I love Tomoe. I think she’s amazing. I get exasperated whenever I see people unfairly bashing her or totally misinterpreting her.

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